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Friday 28 June 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 28 June

Coronation Street, Friday 28 June 2013 at 7.30pm
After an emotional showdown Gary, Izzy and Tina make steps to move on with their lives.
Tim instructs Faye to ask Anna if she can stay for a few nights while he works away in Newcastle. But when she overhears Anna talking to Owen about how she prefers babies to stroppy teenagers, Faye walks out. Will she tell Tim what's happened or decide to go it alone?
When Leanne gets called away by Peter, Gail's immediately suspicious and voices her thoughts to Nick. David's thrilled that his plan seems to be working.
Hayley worries that Roy may be having a nervous breakdown as his erratic behaviour continues.

Friday 28 June 2013 at 8.30pm
Adapting to a new life, can Izzy, Gary and Tina move forward?
When Dev calls for the rent, Faye is forced to lie that Tim has just popped out. Dev's sceptical but will he realise there's more to Faye's lie than meets the eye?
Over a 'brotherly' drink, David sows his seeds of poison in Nick's mind, suggesting there's something going on again between Leanne and Peter. With David's evil words ringing in his ears, Nick returns home and interrogates Leanne.
Hayley panics when she discovers Roy has gone missing. His bizarre behaviour is soon explained but it leaves even Roy feeling he's lost all control. Norris admits to Emily he's worried about his future and reckons when she dies her family will make him homeless.

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Anonymous said...

Norris has gone from weasel to rat. Taking credit for Frieda's gift and now attempting to manipulate and "guilt-trip" Emily. He owns a business. He has no one but himself to be responsible for. What is his problem?!

Anonymous said...

Norris could move into Brian & Julie's flat when Brian leaves the show. It's above his workplace!

Anonymous said...

No, no, no... Norris can't be strapped for money... or a home! His brother Ramsey left him all his money and Norris was able to buy the Kabin from Rita! He's a cheap little bastard living an extremely frugal lifestyle so why would his future retirement be in jeopardy??? I wish the writers would pay MORE attention to fairly simple details like would make the stories way more credible and entertaining!

Dilly Daydream said...

I couldn't care less what happens to Norris, I detest him. What a selfish little man.

Same goes for Faye, can't stand her either.

In fact, when I think about it, there are far more characters in Corrie that I dislike than like these days!

Anonymous said...

What's the age difference between Norris and Emily? Why is he certain that she'll predecease him?

Anonymous said...

Emily is 11 years older than Norris. Considering gender differences in life expectancy, it's conceivable that she could outlive him. We can hope! I hope it doesn't take that long. I'm hoping she finds out about his odious deceit & kicks him out!

Anonymous said...

I cant understand why Norris pretended to Emilly that he had bought that book as its blindingly obvoius Frieda is at some stage going to ask her if she received it, a bit pathetic and showing Norris to be pretty unpleasant and a downright thief.

Tvor said...

It baffles me as to why Norris is upset about where he might live after Emily dies. Why doesn't he just buy the house from her estate or buy himself a little flat somewhere?? He owns the Kabin, surely he can afford it. He's a nasty, selfish, pompous little git and though I thoroughly detest the character, I do think Malcom Hebden is excellent!

Anonymous said...

There's summat very creepy about Norris..always has been. I can't stand the character so that must mean the actor is brilliant. Emily will find out about Norris' little switch and that most likely will end their friendship..for awhile anyway. Glad to see a storyline for Emily and Norris that doesn't involve scary Mary. I wonder if Norris will ever come out..that would be an interesting plot...maybe.

Janice. said...

Surely Norris will live the flat above the Kabin where Rita and Dennis now live. Rita is much the same age as Emily and will not live forever either.

Anonymous said...

Norris is in his early seventies. Won't he be eligible for his pension by now? The longer he keeps working, the more his pension will be, so he shouldn't have any money worries. I don't think it's really financial security Norris is worried about. I think he knows (even if he won't admit it) that When Emily dies he'll have no one in the world that gives a damn about him except Mary, and she scares him. Rita barely tolerates him and she can't last forever either. Norris is afraid he'll die alone and friendless. (Didn't he dream he was Scrooge once?)


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