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Sunday 23 June 2013

Coronation Street weekly update, June 23 2013

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One of the best scenes this week, for this Corrie fan, was Anna slapping Tina across the chops in the pub. A well-deserved slap, if you ask me, after Tina tells Owen she can’t repay them for the money they gave her for the surrogacy as she’ll need the cash to fight them in the courts to keep the baby. As Izzy and Gary go through heartbreak over baby Jake, Tina renames him Joe and plays mum. But Anna tells her sternly: “It’s not your baby, it never was your baby and it never will be your baby!”. So there.

Talking about mums, David tells Gail she’s the worst mother in the world. And indeed, she is. David’s little, if rather evil, heart is broken when he overhears Kylie and Gail talking in the house when they think he’s out, revealing that Nick could be the dad of Kylie’s baby. With the news that his own brother has boffed his missus and the baby he thought he was the father of, could be his nephew, David plans suicide and teeters on a cliff top after Kylie takes him on a romantic country night away. But then David’s phone rings and it’s little Max, bringing him back from the brink of doing himself in. And so David goes from thoughts of suicide to revenge, smashing up Nick and Leanne’s flat with a sledgehammer and determines to split them both up. But no one knows David knows what they all know, oh no.

Ryan struggles to cope with Katy and the baby. It’s far too cramped living in Michelle’s small flat and tensions begins to bubble up and over. Steve gives young Ryan-me-laddo tips about women and words of wisdom about changing baby’s nappies. All of this goes in one ear and out the other with Ryan, but it’s good to see him suffer. Meanwhile, Chesney dates Sinead but only in the hope it’ll make Katy jealous.

Over at Roy’s Rolls, strange goings on continue as things move about in the night, mainly Roy and his wandering mind. But he’s convinced there’s an intruder and stays up all night with a flask and a torch determined to catch the nocturnal nuisance.

And finally this week, Emily’s been away from our screens for too long and returns this week in a storyline of sorts. She falls off a ladder while window cleaning, sprains her ankle and has to rest. Rest not being a concept that Norris understands, he fusses around Emily and gives her some grief. He’s also put out by the fact that he’s doing all the fussing but it’s the family members – Spider and Freda – who send flowers, that win Emily’s praise.

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This week's writers were Simon Crowther, Martin Allen, Joe Turner, Mark Wadlow and Susan Oudot. Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Llifon said...

Do you think Spider's gonna make a surprise visit Flaming Nora? ;)

Anonymous said...

Ryan stuggles? He has no emotion what-so-ever. Katy might do better if she had another actor in the scenes with her instead of Woody.

I was right glad to see Tina getting the smack she deserved.

Evil little David is finally getting his and doesn't like the taste of it. The Platt's are thicko's though..David acting all his Mum grief all over the place and suddenly Nick's apartment is trashed (ever present sledgehammer conveniently near by) and nobody thinks..maybe David has summat to do with it?

Good episodes this week IMO.

Shan said...

I can't help but feel that the Platt's deserve David's wrath. As Anonymous above me mentioned, you would think by now they would recognize David's moping as something bigger. Especially when he starts yelling at Gail for being a bad mother. Instead of sitting there and saying "you don't mean that" she should be making a beeline out of the house based on prior experience.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Gail should definitely steer clear of the staircase. David is definitely giving off all his usual signs but then his mummy dearest always believes he'd never do anything wrong. Despite the fact that he's been known on several occasions to smash the bejesus out of things that belong to people he's angry with - violence is his only means of expression, apparently. While we can logically say that they should have all just put the cards on the table from the get go and dealt with the fall out immediately, this is a soap and secrets/conflict drives the show.

Dubcek said...

It amazes me that a person gets assaulted every other day on the Street and the police are never called I can't see that happening in real life.

Anonymous said...

No its awful that Tina gave up her baby. I know it wasn't here but no matter what once you have baonded with that little one inside you you don't just hand it over. Give back the money let them adopt a baby as they should of done in the first place!


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