Tuesday, 18 June 2013

When the Weatherfield Gazette gets it wrong

Anyone else notice the prop error on Coronation Street last night? When Tracy and Beth were taking the mick out of Roy in the Rovers on Monday 17th June, in the second episode, there was a copy of the Weatherfield Gazette in the pub with a headline that was ever so wrong.

"Locals tough on on rubbish" the front page headlines scream

Has Fred Elliott become the new Weatherfield Gazette editor? I say has he?

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Stevie Dawson said...

well spotted! My Brother-in-law used to make those props. I'll tell him to have a word :)

Digger said...

What, you've never heard of the phrase "to tough on"? To keep on being tough. It's similar to toughing it out, only it goes on for longer. These locals were involved in extended campaigning on the subject of rubbish, so they had to tough on on rubbish.

Needs a comma, certainly, but headlines are only ever punctuated with exclamation marks!!1!!

No, I'm firmly on the Gazette's side, here. It needs to tough on on headlines.

Anonymous said...

And off-topic, that scene was really cringe inducing to watch. Tracy just ruins every scene she is in, but for some reason the writers and producers keep giving her scenes.

A truly god awful character.

And also during the pub scenes, what was with Chesney being in the Rovers when he was meant to be looking after Joseph. Oh yeah that's right, so we can continue the plot device of him always ear dropping or walking into Katy's conversations about Ryan.

Stevie Dawson said...

yes, it's a shame as the character is quite entertaining, but the acting is well below an acceptable standard. I think there's universal agreement on that.

Anonymous said...

Also off-topic, but does anyone else have a problem with the Tynon advert that greets us lately on the top left when this site opens? Admittedly, I don't know what Tynon is, except that it's a game, but the near-naked lass with the ginormous boobs, telling me to "Play Now, My Hero!" is starting to put me off the headlines. I apologise ahead of time if I'm alone in finding this a problem.

Anonymous said...

Tracy cannot be redeemed no matter what the writers try to do. The character was toast when she smashed her boyfriends head in and was back on the street in a couple of years. I don't watch her at all..ffwd all the way through her scenes. They keep trying to pair her with Beth as if they're the next comedy due ont he street..give up already.

ChiaGwen said...

Shame they have to pair Beth with Tracy, brings out the nastiness in her and would she be doing that to a fellow worker - pretty vile.

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