Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Wednesday 13 February

Coronation Street, Wednesday 13th February at 7.30pm

OWEN OVERREACTS WHEN HE LEARNS THE TRUTH. Anna wonders if she should back down and let Tim have access visits with Faye but Owen is adamant she mustn’t give in to Faye’s tantrums. However when a row breaks out, which sees Faye’s computer get smashed, will Anna continue to agree with Owen’s tough regime?
FIZ RETURNS AS TYRONE TAKES THE BLAME. As Kirsty is reunited with Ruby, Tyrone is questioned by the police. He tells them Fiz had nothing to do with Ruby’s abduction, it was all his idea. Fiz is released with a caution but what will Tyrone’s fate be?
ROY UNCOVERS THE FULL EXTENT OF SYLVIA’S PROBLEMS. Having phoned Milton, Roy confronts Sylvia wanting to know exactly what’s been going on. Will Sylvia confess all?
Elsewhere, when the boiler packs up at No.8, Gail smugly points out to David and Kylie that as the home owners it’s their problem, not hers.
Mandy makes snide digs at Sophie and Jenna as they try to enjoy a drink in the pub.

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Loon the Baloon said...

I find it amazing that Anna has doubts over Tim but is quite happy to expose her to the thug Owen's outbursts. But I read in a spoiler that Anne gets together with Tim, which could be good.

buttercup canada said...

i think anna is going to put her foot down and send owen packing .he is getting far to bossy with the way anna is trying to handle faye he is the type you do what i say iam the master .kick him to the curb he is going to be trouble i think for her .

John Boy said...

Is is a bit rich for Anna to sit in judgement of Tim. Windass clan is not exactly the Waltons. Gary has been in jail and that uncle they don't show anymore was career criminal. It was this family that scammed and stole from Tina's dad. And let's not even talk about Owen. A dangerous family to place a child in.

Anonymous said...

They never should've let Eddie go. He was quirky, odd, but funny.

Owen goes from bad guy to good guy to bad guy. Another character they don't know what to do with.

I kinda like Tim. He seems level-headed when it comes to this whole Faye thing.

~JB in Canada

ChiaGwen said...

Um, Kylie and David are the homeowners now.....what, they got a mortgage in a little over a couple of weeks, papers signed, deed done??....and they can afford the monthly payments which is obviously more than what they were paying in rent?

Alexis said...

We know Kylie will lose her job because her tryst with Nick will be public. Gail will hold on to her home, as well as her boys. Looking forward to Leanne and Kylie trying to out-harridan each other.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Carla isn't buying into Kirsie's B.S.
Anna shrieking like a maniac at Owen..great stuff!!

Beth said...

I have never liked Carla more than I did last night. Before that I could hardly hear the telly above the booo's and the hissss' the whole country where shouting at Eileen, Kirsty and Julie. Hoping Carla will start speaking up a bit more. To at least get us through some really horrible scenes.

It has to be said though, Tyrone is pretty hopeless in putting his case across, aside from shouting and protesting "I didn't do it you've got it wrong" and "I want my babeh" He hasn't said anything else that the police can go on. So he is also beginning to irritate me now. I know the poor bloke deserves a break but he's not helping himself. If he carries on like that he'll be 90 when he gets out..... Honestly!

Anonymous said...

Well, I gotta say ... last night was the first time EVER that I've liked Carla. I would say she weighed what Peter said about Ty and found he was right.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Well, I gotta say ... last night was the first time EVER that I've liked Carla. I would say she weighed what Peter said about Ty and found he was right.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

ooopsy! double posted. sorry!

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