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Friday, 8 February 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 8 February

Coronation Street, Friday 8th February at 7.30pm

KIRSTY’S FRANTIC AS TYRONE AND FIZ ESCAPE. Kirsty’s horrified to find Ruby has gone missing from the Websters and sets off in frantic search of her daughter. Convinced that Tyrone’s snatched Ruby, Kirsty barges into Tina’s flat demanding to know where they are. Will she catch up with Tyrone before he leaves the street for good?
FAYE TAKES ADVANTAGE OF A BAD SITUATION. When Sylvia dozes off on the sofa Faye takes the opportunity to slip out and goes looking for Tim. How will he react to seeing her again?
MARIA’S INSECURITIES REAR THEIR HEAD. Beth and Kirk take Marcus and Maria to a gay bar in town. How will Maria deal with the reminder of Marcus’ old life?
Elsewhere Gail begs Nick for her job back and somewhere to live, will Nick agree?

Friday 8th February at 8.30pm

THE POLICE TURN UP THE HEAT ON TYRONE AND FIZ. Kirsty’s fraught with worry as the police search for Ruby. As they question Kevin about the missing child will Tyrone make his getaway?
FAYE FLIRTS WITH DANGER. When Tim takes Faye home, saying he’d like to thank Anna for agreeing to let them meet, Faye inwardly panics. Will she get away with sneaking out?
MARCUS COMMITS TO MARIA. When Marcus bumps into Sean in a gay bar in town he realises he no longer fits in. Returning home will he and Maria kiss and make up?
Elsewhere will Nick invite Gail to move in with him and Leanne?
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Janice. said...

"Elsewhere Gail begs Nick for her job back"

But she already got her job back on wednesday.

Anonymous said...

In Canada, we're just watching FayE meeting her bio Dad. Good grief but Anna is such a witch! Sure, she's nervous for FayE's well-being. However, why flip out and prevent the girl from even speaking to her bio Dad, when shes clearly desperate to know more about her roots? All Anna ever does is tell FayE to go up to her room. If she keeps it up, FayE will either flee the coop or kill Anna in her bed!

Anonymous said...

Lloyd has been particularly great with Jenna; further proof that he's the nicest man on the cobbles. That Owen is beyond mental, though! Threatening Faye's father in the street like a common thug. But then I guess that's exactly what he is - so detestable!

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to see Tyrone catch a break! Poor guy

Dilly Daydream said...

You beat me to it Janice, that's exactly what I was going to say..... I could've sworn Gail got her job back on Wednesday.

Glenda Young said...

She did get her job back on Wednesday, don't shoot us though please... this is the press release from ITV.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Let's hope Tyrone gets further than the bus station this time he is "running away!.

Anonymous said...

Ty is bound to get caught by the police. He's made himself easy to spot by running away with a woman who looks like Fiz off Coronation Street!

Anonymous said...

As much as it would devastate Tyrone to lose a 2nd child, I would really like Kirsty to become SO livid that she agrees to a DNA test to prove he's not Ruby's father. And then she can bugger off. I feel this story has really run off the rails now.

Both actors did play their roles superbly, but I hate that the story has devolved into most of Ty's friends abandoning him and believing he's an abuser.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

After all the lies Kirsty's spouted out from the beginning, you'd think Tyrone would have done a DNA test a long time ago. Although it would kill him if Ruby turned out to be someone else's and the writers wouldn't be that cruel, would they?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Anna has become quite unlikeable. Totally understand her insecurities about Tim turning up on the scene but even to think about banning Faye from seeing him is awful. She really seems to think she knows what's best for everyone.

I'm not convinced Ruby is Tyrone's and, if she isn't, a good twist would be for the 'cousin' who appeared some months ago to be the dad. I still don't get why none of Kirsty's old friends has ever been in touch. Seems to me she has drawn a veil over a very dodgy past.

Anonymous said...

This Tyrone story is very hard to watch. I know Kirsty will be found out someday, but still. I would like to slap Eileen and Julie, and of course Sally (but I can always slap her!!!). I am watching (in Canada), but am cheating on youtube and forwarding to the Tyrone stuff hoping to see her get her comeupance. (I did that with the Sally/Frank thing too, cause I could not wait to see Sally find out the truth) I sure hope they don't have another father in the end. That would be too cruel and we all love Tyrone.

Jan in Canada

Joan said...

Even though I know it is fiction I cannot wait for this awful storyline for Tyrone to be over,I fast forward most of the show now, please bring back some comedy

Anonymous said...

Ty is going to prison..another wrongy accused in jail but this time it'll be Fiz on the other side of the table weeping and wringing her hands whilst Ty tells her to forget him (ala John Stape)
Has this not been done before?

Beth said...

I was hoping that Kirsty was going to get so mad when Rubeh disappeared that Julie, Eileen and the rest of the Weatherfield witches would have started to have doubts about her sanity. At least see some cracks in her story.

That's the trouble with this now they are dragging it on and on.....

Why doesn't somebody like Kev say he saw his bruises? Instead of standing there screeching like banshees why don't they reason with people and explain what she's like. Why don't they go to the hospital to get the report about his damaged arm? Didn't Kateh notice Kirsty was a bit odd when Tyrone wasn't allowed to go to that baby's birthday party at playgroup when Kirsty turned up and showed him up in front of the other mums?

If Kirsty was that scared for her life why did she got to work everyday and leave baby Rubeh on her own with a husband beater? Or why did the wouldn't say boo to a goose fella give up his job and stay home with his baby out of the blue instead? Haven't people thought these things?

There are just too many holes in this story now. Far, far too many!!! And because of these things this story is irritating the pants off me now - I'm screaming blue murder at the telly especially when nasty Julie and Eileen come on! Ohhhh the biggest slice of humble pie won't be bige enough to choke them! Enough already!
And the police are worse than a chocolate teapot!
Ok folks, you can come out now, rant over :)

Anonymous said...

Two thumbs up for an excellent rant, Beth!

~JB in Canada :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree this story is turning into a could have been so much more but no..they had to throw that dumbass Fiz into the mix because why? She hadn't had a storyline in awhile? What started out great is once again flopping into a dire mess of 'who cares anymore' and 'wake me when it's over.'

Humpty Dumpty said...

I don't normally post twice on the same blog but had to agree with Beth. So many loopholes appearing now in the story and I expect some fathers in that situation might abduct their child but we know it's only being done to have another Weatherfield 1. Tyrone took a call from an anger management counsellor when Kirsty failed her appointment. Who referred her, and aren't there records about this? Beth, let's hope Kirsty loses it while Tyrone is still in prison and trashes her houses. Eileen and Julie think Tyrone must be back and burst in to find only Kirsty and Ruby.

Anonymous said...

Heard Alan Hallsall on the local radio hoping that the story wouldn't be sensationalised with "deaths and murders". Too late love. It's already gone into pantomime territory with the wedding that wasn't and now child abduction. Though it's nice to know that some of the cast are fed up with the sensationalism too.

Great rant Beth!


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