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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

There's been a Corrie murrderr!

As much as this Corrie fan enjoyed the scintillating subplot the other evening over who would clean out Sunita's blocked guttering (euphemism?) I personally can't wait for this once  sweet, normal, well-rounded character to depart from our screens.

We know it will happen at some point this year however what, this concerned blogger wonders, will mark her exit? Given Sunita's storylines since she returned in 2009 it could go either way - from the mundane and seriously humdrum to out and out lunacy which could only normally be explained by a bang to the head. My prediction is she will finally throw in the towel with the dreadful Karl and plead for Devendra to take her back. Obviously this will end badly and she will leave the street without a lover. Will she take little Aldi and Netto with her when she leaves? Who knows, and quite frankly, who cares? At least if she does she will be doing her bit for the environment as there will be two less Corrie children to be sent upstairs.

So I'm going for a predictable end to this wholly unedifying story. However, if I had my way this rubbish would end with all guns blazing. The writers turfed believability out with the barm cakes when they gave Sunita's personality a complete transformation overnight. (Was there something in the coffee at the story conference that day?) 

As a Scotsman I am still mourning the loss of Taggart from our screens. Let's face it, it gave regular work to many Scottish thespians in between panto seasons. So I am proposing a lovely Coronation Street / Taggart cross-over episode which would clean this mess of a storyline up in a tartan-themed bloodbath. Sadly the late-lamented Mark McManus is no longer around to utter menacingly "if ewes dinnae shut it, you'll be wearin' yer baws as earings"* but there is always Blythe Duff, who I am sure would be only too happy to lend a hand. There was also that little gay cop who was very gay but never mentioned it. 

So tell us the plot, I hear you cry? Ok, then. The Krankies, finally free from a festive season of Glaswegian pantomime with John Barrowman (this time it was he who fell off a prop), arrive in Weatherfield to seek revenge on DI Robbie Ross for abandoning Glasgow, ditching his Scottish accent and assuming the false identity of Karl Munro. Unfortunately Jeanette's aim isn't what it was and they take out Sunita be mistake. Bucking the trend for those who live on in a street despite having suffered endless tragedies there, Dev decides to move on, taking Aldi and Netto with him. Who knows, in time he may learn to love again, adding to his brood of mostly forgotten children with baby Lidl.

Coming face to face with The Krankies brings DI Ross back to reality. He returns to Glasgow immediately to reprise Taggart with his old colleagues, agreeing to squeeze in a Christmas 2013 panto with Clare Grogan and the woman who ran the shop in Take The High Road. Right, I'm off for a packet of Tunnocks Teacakes and a quick Gay Gordons. 

Oh, and by the way Corrie: next time you cast a Scottish actor, please let them speak in their native tongue. In the Great Britain of 2013, people do occasionally migrate. 

*Do contact me if you require a translation

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Janice said...

I would like to see a happy ending for her. Kieron could make a brief visit and take her away to some warm paradise. Failing that Karl as Robbie takes on Danny Baldwin as his Law and Order character. Duel on the cobbles for the heart of Sunita.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Great blog! Really enjoyed this. Re: Sunita, does anyone care anymore? The list for 'Who cares what happens to this character?' is growing longer by the minute. She'll have an 'explosive' exit - don't they all? Sunita and Karl will have a bust-up, she then gets drunk and tries to climb on top of a car with the inevitable consequences.

OnlyinCanada said...

Translation please

Carry On Blogging! said...

I daren't! It would ruin the blog's air of respectability!

Glenda Young said...

Ooh, a deep fried blog post and no mistake!!

Carry On Blogging! said...

Well I thought it was appropriate given that I'm currently back in my homeland!

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment to the writers about accents! They ruined John Michie, imo, and I hope he can recover from this disaster. I doubt Michelle Collins would have been any better in the roll, but allowing an immigrant to speak normally would have, perhaps, caused less fan outrage.

Danny-K said...

Scots accents?

I'm still laughing from Victoria Wood's portrayal of Ena Sharples (YouTube clip that F/Nora put us on to) spitting rivets over Peter Barlow being packed off to Scotland for his early childhood and into adulthood and returning to Coronation Street after all those years still speaking in his original Mancunian accent, without even the slightest hint of a Scots burr.


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