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Friday, 4 January 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 4 January

Coronation Street, Friday 4th January

GAIL IS THE WORM ON LEWIS’ HOOK. Lewis introduces Gail to Patrick, an old friend of his. In front of Gail, Patrick offers Lewis a dream job in Italy running a hotel. But Lewis turns him down, telling Gail he can’t move to Italy because he’s infatuated with her. What is he up to?
TYRONE FEELS THE HEAT. As Chesney and Owen vent their anger the Health & Safety Investigator arrives on the street and starts asking questions. Will Tyrone be forced to come clean about his goings on with Fiz?
LEANNE NAILS HER COLOURS TO NICK’S MAST. Leanne tells Stella she’s determined to make her relationship with Nick work, he’s the man she loves, not Peter.
Elsewhere Carla and Rob’s relationship fractures further as it impacts on business at the factory. Kevin apologises to Jenna again and asks her not to punish Sophie for his mistakes.

Friday 4th January

LEWIS REELS GAIL IN. Gail pulls away from Lewis’ kiss, explaining they could never be together as Audrey would be so hurt. Lewis plays along but when he moves to the next stage of his plan will Gail fall for it, and him, hook line and sinker?
TYRONE FACES THE MUSIC. The Health & Safety Investigator asks tricky questions about Fiz’s boiler. As Tyrone sweats, will the HSI decide to prosecute?
LEANNE LEAVES NICK MORE CONFLICTED THAN EVER. Nick admits to Leanne that he still loves her but is struggling to trust her. Leanne implores him to work with her on their relationship. But as she drops a bombshell will Nick agree?
Elsewhere Jenna tells Sophie she’s made excellent progress and should be able to lose her
back brace soon. Sophie’s grateful, her feelings for Jenna growing, but are they reciprocated?

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Oh for goodness sake is even Gail that thick? Lewis was her MOTHER's boyfriend for Gods sake, its just tacky.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Isn't this very similar to Charlie/Bev/Shelley?

Anonymous said...

It's all getting stupider and stupider... I'm taking more and more time to step up to the telly/PC to get caught up to the episodes... a boiler? All these ridiculous love triangles or supposed triangles and a con man out to con who?? Gail?? Is she even worth this long, dragged out con game? What for?

I can't help but feel the writers are just throwing everything and anything into the "soup"... and we even have a boiler gone wrong... where's the kitchen sink???

Unhappy viewer in Canada ...slowly migrating to US TV... just saw some episodes of "Breaking Bad".... not bad -- that's some pretty good writing...

ChiaGwen said...

I can see where this Lewis con is leading. He will break Gail's heart as well as infuriate Audrey for being so cruel....hence his exit for Panto. Hope when he is back that Audrey can forgive him and they can have a stable relationship for a least.

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