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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Life comes full circle for David

Isn't it funny how "what goes around, comes around"? Here's Kylie pregnant with a baby that could be her husband's, but it could be her brother-in-law's as well. She's already said she wasn't ready to have another child which caused the rift in her marriage that brought us to this point.  If you read the spoilers for next week's episodes, you know Kylie confesses to a friend, Eva, that she's going to have an abortion and she gets as far as the clinic. Eva tells David and David runs to talk her out of it, not knowing, of course, that the baby might be Nick's and he talks Kylie into coming home from the clinic for now.

Let's go back 20-odd years. Another woman, a widow, finds herself pregnant by a younger man. She doesn't want to tie the man down to her and decides to have an abortion. She confides in her best friend and that friend, Sally, tells her husband who runs straight to the father of the baby. That man, Martin, manages to talk Gail into not going ahead with the procedure and they eventually marry and raise the baby.

Back to the future, now, and that child, David, discovers that his mother had considered an abortion and he goes mental. Now, he's in the same situation that his father was in. I wonder if the irony has occurred to David? If this baby is born and grows up, will he/she discover that Kylie nearly had a termination? Will that child turn into a clone of a troubled David?

Stay tuned.

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Glenda Young said...

Good point, Tvor!!

Anonymous said...

And the moral of the story is..... keep your mouth shut about your abortion decision!

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Why would she tell Eva of all people?!! She knows Eva is totally untrustworthy.

Anonymous said...

Have there ever been so many parenthood stories in one series at one time? Someone at Corrie is obsessed. We have Tina and Kylie both pregnant, with Izzy and Gary as expectant surrogate parents. Newish babies for Fizz, Chesney, Katy, Tyrone, Kirsty and Kevin. Marcus and David obsessed with becoming dads, Leanne and Julie unable to be mums, Leanne long-lost mother popping up and soon Faye will be reunited with her real dad. Then there's Tracy faking a pregnancy at any given opportunity. I've probably missed some parenthood plots, there are so many. It is beyond ridiculous now.

Chewy said...

I hope it is David's kid, and I hope David and Kylie can weather the oncoming storm, they're my favourite couple in the show.

Anonymous said...

Is it politically incorrect to question whether a gay male producer enters into this equation in some way? It's part of the mythology of just about all cultures that men are envious of women's ability to bear children. Is that somehow multiplied when a couple is made up of 2 males?
We now have Marcus involved with a woman, partly because she has a child, and Sean inflicting pain on Marcus by preventing him from seeing Dylan, as a form of payback for becoming involved with a woman. All very convoluted! Then there's the fact that women can prevent men from being fathers by using birth control, or in more extreme circumstances, by aborting the foetus. Look at how messed up David is over all this, starting with is own origin and continuing with his irrational obsession with having his own child. I won't even start down the road of men in government attempting to pass laws to control women on this subject!
I don't know what it's all supposed to mean on the show, but it sure is interesting!

Anonymous said...

Is everyone aware that its not just Phil C who comes up with these storylines and its infact a whole team of people? Yes there seems to be some sort of obsession regarding wombs at the moment but its not purely PCs fault. Him being gay is certainly no indication that he would be obsessed with pregnancy, I know plenty of gay men who would have just the opposite reaction!

Has anyone noticed that this storyline also bears similariies to Kylies own mother in laws fling with Brians cousin Ian Latimer? She was unsure of Sarah Lous parentage until after she was born. Perhaps when it all comes out she would be well served remembering that little fact!- Micky

vicky said...

Soaps in general are pretty baby obsessed though, aren't they? The big drive in any kind of prime-time television is to have big "events" that get ratings up and births, deaths and marriages are the obvious big three that are used time and again.

As for David... I love him and Kylie together but the thought of him never going "properly evil" again saddens me. He hasn't so much as smashed a neighbour's window in years. And what happened to that epilepsy storyline? Was that too boring to continue with?

Mary Prankster said...

David is older now. He doesn't have the energy to smash things like he did as a teenager. Now he just insults his mother and humiliates his wife. Kylie said it: "That poison is in your head."
I guess we're to assume that the medication he's on controls his seizures.
As for Phil C., yes storylines are a team effort but the executive producer's desk is where the pound/buck stops.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that Kylie and Nick end up together - they are so much better for each other than silly, childish David! It might also make his head explode and he could end up with Eva or something ridiculous, unless he goes mad and ends up in prison for the long haul.

Anonymous said...

It seems that 2 years is the cut off point for recycling the same story with different characters. I think it's about that long since Chesney was dashing to the abortion clinic to stop Katy having an abortion.

Once, having an abortion was presented as an agonisingly difficult decision where the pros and cons woud be discussed with family and friends. Now, it's a car chase.


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