Thursday, 5 December 2019

Coronation Street Spoiler: Who is the Bistro's mystery buyer?

The previews for Coronation Street are in from ITV super early in the run up to Christmas. And so here we go with a fresh batch of spoilers that we’ll see on screen during the week beginning December 16th.

Robert tells Paula that the sat nav on his van confirms he was in the area of the woods where he’s suspected of dumping Vicky’s body. Paula wonders if anyone else had access to his van and the police take Robert in again.

They question Michelle about Robert’s violent temper and Michelle tells them of incidents from his past, including his steroid abuse. The police tell Paula and Robert they intend to charge Robert with assault. Paula warns Robert that if Vicky doesn’t turn up soon, things could get much worse.

A woman calls at the bistro representing an anonymous buyer. Michelle learns the offer is near half of the asking price but Carla advises her to consider for a quick sale. Michelle instructs Adam to accept the mystery buyer’s offer for the bistro. As Robert waits in his cell to set off for court, he’s puzzled to learn from Paula there’s been a delay as new information has come to light.

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Anonymous said...

The only way this tiresome story will turn out to have been worth watching is if Michele and Vicky are caught by the police conspiring to get these obviously fake charges brought against Robert. Seeing Michele carted off for good in handcuffs would be the best Christmas present Corrie gave us in years.

Rapunzel said...

What was the point of getting Robert's 50% share off him if MeChelle is prepared to sell the lot for half price in a fire sale? She just ends up back at square one.

That said, I can only hope that she does take the money and run ... and run, and run, and run... byeeeeee!!!

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