Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Kate Ford interview: Tracy cheats on Steve

Were you surprised when you heard that Tracy was going to cheat on Steve?
Not not really, Tracy is a very spur of the moment person and while she loves Steve their relationship hasn’t been great recently. It’s got a bit stale and boring and the passion seems to have got lost in the domestics. The discovery that Emma is Steve’s daughter has put a strain on them, Tracy has been a bit jealous although she’s trying harder now, so I think when Tracy makes plans for New Year’s Eve then finds out Steve’s avoiding her she’s just had enough. She’s angry, she starts drinking and that’s when Tracy can be very impulsive.

Does she feel guilty the next day?
I think she regrets it but she’s more bothered about keeping it quiet and making sure Steve doesn’t find out than she is about feeling guilty, typical Tracy!

It makes a change to Steve cheating on her doesn’t it?
Exactly, although I think she will still manage to turn it around and make it Steve’s fault!

How do you think Steve will react if he finds out?
He’s not going to be happy, after years of not wanting to be with Tracy they’re finally settled then this. They want to give Amy a stable family but then this is Steve and Tracy so they keep messing it up.

Can they save their marriage?
I hope so as I really like them together and I love working with Simon, he really looks after me. The chemistry is there in their relationship they just need to find it again.

Does Tracy worry about Steve’s true feelings for her?
I think at the back of her mind she always worries if Steve wants to be with her as much as she does with him or if he’s just settled. This is going to force them to explore that and work out if they do have a future together.

Do you think they make a good couple?
Yes I do, they have a lot of history but they have the chemistry, they’re fun together and they have that shared bond with Amy. Maybe they just need to be a bit more honest with each other and find that spark again.

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1 comment:

coconno196 said...

Oh no, another unbelievable infidelity. It took Tracy years/ decades to land Steve and although she nags him and is clearly in charge (he is quite scared of her) there is no way she would cheat on him.

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