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Friday 6 December 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 4th Dec 8.30 pm

Fall-outs, accusations, shocks, and comedy crisps! - it can only be a Corrie wedding!

Following Michelle's very public humiliation, Ryan and Ali try and accost Robert, only for Robert to confronted by Tyler, asking where Vicky is?

Back on the street, Paul has run out of the community centre, visibly upset at having admitted his abuse to the factory girls.  Later on, the factory girls reciprocate Paul's painful honesty, by having a good gossip about him in the pub!. It serves them right to be caught by Bernie and Gemma until they all realise that Paul is missing!.. for the ad break at least. He soon turns up at Roys Rolls to be greeted by a search party (aka family, factory girls & Billy). Slight panic aside, Paul tells the search party that he's decided to give evidence against Kel and looks towards closure.

Doesn't Ken seem to have recovered very quickly from pneumonia? I mean he's only 80 years old and its winter, but no worry for our Ken, as he's out of the hospital and back supporting Daniel in his grief-stricken solitude. Did he even ask how his Dad was feeling, did he 'eck!  I suppose we can forgive him for being self-absorbed though, albeit completely lost, and unshaven. Even Adam struggles to get Daniel out of the flat to go to Amy's play. He's still languishing in inconsolable grief and watching Sinead on the laptop.

It's still so sad to watch, isn't it? A toughie but one of my 2019 highlights, as Corrie slowly brings the year to a close. 

TRACY BARLOW !! (my ultimate corrie female) has also returned from holiday and is quick to get up to speed with the gossip from Steve and Amy. Seb offers the 'Bryan maiden' gig tickets to a bemused Emma and narrowly averts a comedic scalding from her Dad, Steve.  I am soo glad to see Tracy back, but where is Liz? AND if Ken was ill, why didn't Tracy come back from her holiday early? It seems to be a night of returns as the (seldom-seen) Battersby sisters are at the pub offering sincere condolences and commiserations to Michelle. And, as Paul Winter has decided to face his troubles, Summer has decorated the flat, ready for Christmas! We've got Summer getting things ready for Winter! I did chuckle... was it just me?

Back at The Rovers, Tyler confronts Robert with wild accusations about the previous nights' skirmish and heated argument with Vicky. In front of the whole pub, Robert feels cornered by the residents and the wild words are banded around. Is Robert guilty of killing Vicky, or are Michelle and Vicky in cahoots for the ultimate revenge?.

After his second very public attack of the day, Robert sits in his van and has full-on steering wheel rage! It reminds me of when Pat Phelan did the same thing, upon realising that Vinnie had stolen all of their ill-gotten cash.

It's got me thinking...

Is this foreshadowing, is Robert about to be completely fleeced?

Ultimately, I feel there's a big twist in this storyline, that's yet to come...

What did you think to this Wednesdays Corrie? let us know in the comments section.

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Anna said...

I hated the long drawn out wedding,why didn't Billy stop the whole damn thing,i wished Michelle gave Vicky the wedding dress and she turned up with the veil on her face and married Robert,he didn't realise until he had to kiss the bride.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

Michelle wanted revenge on Robert so she pays for an expensive wedding gown plus the church's fees, all for a big reveal... but there's only a handful of guests to hear it!
Why would Steve attend his exe's wedding? Where were the Bistro staff - Bethany, Faye? The whole thing fell flat. I'll be glad to see the back of
moody Michelle and boring Robert.

Anonymous said...

Why does Billy act like Paul’s dad? He is always trying to tell him what is best for him and now he is making him a packed lunch.I just find the relationships a bit weird.

coconno196 said...

I wonder if there was a personal reason for Ken's brief absence with "pneumonia". It didn't ring true, the soap opera cough, nobody visiting him, his quick return looking very sprightly lugging bags of shopping. I do hope Bill Roache is OK.

Anonymous said...

I wonder since when has Michelle been friends with Toyah?The same Toyah who kept Aidan's child from the Connors and would still be raising her as 'Susie Barlow'if Eva hadn't developed a conscience grieving Aidan after his suicide and wanted her daughter back.
I'm sorry but shoehorning Toyah in Michelle's revenge storyline made her look more like a hyporcrite.
I hope Michelle gets some comeuppance in the end and Robert's name is cleared.

Anonymous said...

Have you never made you partner a packed lunch? I have


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