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Tuesday 24 December 2019

Sarah finds out the truth about Gary after Adam proposes? - Tina O’Brien Interview

With a Christmas shoot-out set to rock the Corrie cobbles, we spoke to Tina O’Brien to find out what twists and turns are in store for Sarah Platt.

“Christmas Day’s also David’s birthday so there’s a decision to go and, like, hide and seek presents so Sarah, Bethany, and Shona go out hiding the presents and it’s at that point that everything kind of goes off.”

Whilst Derek is running amok the Winter Wonderland, Sarah takes cover with Adam by her side, desperately trying to stay out of harm’s way.

“At the end of the Winter Wonderland there’s like a large tree and they kind of huddle behind it and I have a small child with me which you can imagine was fun filming in the middle of the night!”

With all the surrounding chaos going on, Adam suddenly decides to pop the question to a stunned Sarah.

“It was a really sweet moment actually. I’m not sure why, but because we’re sort of there and there is that fear.

This is the craziest time to ask so I think she’s pleased but she’s also a little bit overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to handle the situation.

“Of course she wants to marry him but she’s a little bit like, ‘This is not the time or place’ basically.”

Despite a marriage proposal, this is hardly the family Christmas that Sarah envisioned, and she still has the matter of Gary Windass to deal with. If you cast your mind back not too far, you’ll remember that Gary is technically responsible for the deaths of two people, as well as currently running his loan shark business. However, Tina mused that Sarah has pretty much got him sussed.

“I think [Sarah] knows [Gary] maybe better than most people and I think there’s things that he’s done where she’s gone, ‘I know you’ve got a darkness to you’ and that scares her.”

Tina also explained how when the factory collapsed all those months ago, Sarah already had her reasons to believe that Gary was somehow involved, but Tina still believes that Sarah will be shocked to find out what Gary’s really done.

“Although she’ll be surprised, I think she knows he’s got it in him.

“When choosing between the right thing to do and the thing that benefits him, Gary chooses the thing that benefits him and what makes him look like a good guy... that’s why sometimes I think with Maria she’s a bit like, ‘Oh Maria, I’m trying to be nice!’ And she’s like ‘You’re jealous!’

“Maybe she is a bit jealous? I don’t know, it’s hard to know if she’s a bit resentful as well because now Gary’s there with all this money, and he’s offering Maria a life that he couldn’t offer Sarah.”

At least Sarah’s life is improving romantically with Adam shaping up to be her happily ever after.

“I think Adam’s right for her, actually. I think she really, really loved Gary and I think she was very loyal to him, but I think there was a lot of issues within the relationship of him saying, ‘Look, I’m not going to lie to you anymore’, and then she’d find out he was lying and then he would do the same thing over and over again.

I think she needs to let [Maria and Gary] go a bit and move on forward with her life with Adam because I think he makes her happy.”

With a potentially deadly Christmas Day looming for the residents of Coronation Street, make sure you tune in to find out Sarah’s fate!

Sophie Williams

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