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Thursday 19 December 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 18th Dec 7.30 pm

After my spot-on prediction last week that Vicky and Michelle were in cahoots against Robert (and no one had committed murdered) I wonder what delights my Corrie detective brain can decipher this week? Well, I for one, know that Christmas is around the corner so  Micheal's Weatherfield winter wonderland is ready for opening! Ed has been getting jiggy with it for Aggie whilst dressed as Santa, so hopefully, his loins have cooled down for the kids - that's not appropriate in 2019! Evelyn's disdain and sour sarcasm (once again) is in fine tune with my feelings about this festive 'fever'. I get the feeling though that Michael is doing all this for Grace and Tianna so that's alright actually.  Is he setting himself up for a fall?

At the hotel room, Vicky is on the phone to Michelle whilst grabbing at her stomach. My detective skills deduce that this baby is due, and anytime soon - maybe Christmas week? I also wonder how short-lived Maria's pregnancy will be - can we expect a full-term like Vicky? Meanwhile, new baby daddy Gary is busy with underhand loan shark tactics and collars Ryan for another payment (Maria's handbags, high-end flats, and 4 wheel drives won't pay for themselves)! Ryan offers to be Gary's lackey in lew of payment. 

Vicky also seems intent on fleecing Robert, by taking some sort of share in the Bistro sale.
Tyler visits his Mum to discuss the plan, which proves that he is also in on the act. Perverting the course of justice? I imagine he would be the 'fall guy' in this little set-up. I envisage seeing Michelle & Vicky heading off to Ireland together after the baby is born? The £70K offer (although £30K short) seems too good offer to turn down and the 'mystery buyer' seems a tad suspect? I've seen spoilers that confirm my suspicions but I'm not revealing that here...

Over at Richard's flat, Roy is on hand to attend to his brother's needs as the health visitor is due for the first appointment. I've really enjoyed these two fine actors together on screen and with his illness being terminal, its a shame this brotherhood will be short-lived. I wish I had a brother like Roy actually, talk of trains and factual anecdotes -  it sounds great. My brothers just watch football - how droll! anyway, I digress. With Aggie on hand at Roy's Rolls, the freezer packs in, and Roy is called back to work. Later, and with Nina at college, Richard's left alone and gets caught in a coughing fit, collapsing into unconsciousness.

Rita is also on her own (again) and failing to entertain Evelyn in the rovers snug gambling den, her mood remains unchanged. The street icon looks to be caught up in some serious, and rather unseasonal, solitary sadness. We can guess that this another issue-based story on the horizon. Do we need the realism, or would you prefer faux festive cheer?

With seasonal cheeriness in mind,  Roy heads back to the flat but is too late when finding Richard unconscious -yet he still calls the ambulance. The paramedics arrive yet struggle to stabilise Richard and Nina arrives home just in time to hear her father being pronounced dead.


Well, my detective skills are still struggling to decide whether this year will be a winter wonderland or a miserable Weatherfield Christmas. What are your thoughts?

Stay tuned and we will find out in my 8.30 pm episode review!

I am @rybazoxo your (self -styled) cobble connoisseur!

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Louby said...

I think it's going to be misery all the way. Is there anyone who looks like they are going to be happy? Michael maybe.

I feel really cross that they have killed Roy's brother off so quickly. They were good for each other and Roy deserves some happiness.

Isn't this spammer annoying! Can't even spell John!


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