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Monday 9 December 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 9th December

Gary's off to take collection of some leatherette chairs and Maria's contemplating a pregnancy test. Seriously, Dev should hand out a condom with every purchase. She tells Gary over Costa coffees in the barbers, because nothing says unwanted pregnancy like an Irish Velvet Christmas cream latte (on a side note, I have to say I like Vin Weasel's little Christmas hat). Gary takes the news well (I guess he must be used to it by now) and soon they're talking about moving into Victoria Court together. I can trust you can't I, she whimpers. Course you can, he says. Oh, Maria! He takes possession of a Range Rover from a "client", and then gives it to Maria, to Sarah's consternation. Later, Ms Platt sees Maria drinking a soda rather than her usual large glass of white and talking about needing more room and puts two and two together to make 3 (children for Gary) and announces it to the pub. Ryan tells Ali about the 4x4 and he goes around to tell Maria about Gary's sideline in loan sharkery. She doesn't believe him and keeps repeating that Gary is a businessman. Oh, Maria! Although I suppose going out with a violent loan shark is a step up from dating your husband's killer.

Alya and Ryan tidy up Yasmeen's house as she and Ghastly Geoff return from Vegas (Las, not Johnny); unbeknownst to them they're being spied on by Geoff's house-cam. He and Yas tell Tim and Sally about their holiday (the highlight of which seemed to be a Blues Brother and CP30 having a fight in the street), then Geoff has a go at Alya for staying over and she retorts that it's not his house and they're not married, to which Geoff replies that they are! Geoff grasses Alya up for illegal house-sitting and then says Alya is upset about the secret wedding because she's worried about her inheritance. She and Yasmeen argue and Alya storms off, saying she can get someone else to water her plants in future. I bet Rita's free.

Tim, influenced by the Vegas tales, reminisces about the time he went to Nevada and married an air hostess. He claims that Vegas weddings aren't legally binding, but Steve and Kev tell him he's a bigamist and he needs to find the stewardess in order to annul the marriage. He should speak to Beth, or even Peter, I hear that they're experts.

Jenny's too busy to have time for a natter with Rita, leaving her sad in the pub. She is therefore happy when Nozza turns up, looking at flats near the Weathy football ground. Can't see Norris singing "Tommy O Tommy O", to be honest, although he probably would do hoover up any gossip about Michael Bailey. Anyway, even Noz can't stay long as he's off to meet Frieda, leaving our Reet sad and lonely again. Maybe she needs a hobby (apart from vodka-ton); I hear there's a spot going free at the charity shop since Emily left for Edinburgh via Peru.

Half of the quads are allowed to come home; meanwhile Bernie hopes to catch a predator as Kel replies to Bernie's message to his DJ site and she suggests they meet up. I realise Bernie is hardly a legal brain, but this is entrapment (and not admissible in court).

Finally, Ken and Adam go round to tidy up Daniel's flat, backgrounded by Peter's sniping at Ken's (lack of) parenting skills. Daniel returns and asks them to leave, and settles down for his afternoon viewing - not so much Homes Under The Hammer as Sinead's videos. He watches one he's not seen before, one where Sinead forgives him for snogging Bethany and suggesting they maybe get together post-death. So I guess that's Bethany's leaving story sorted then?

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SimoneJenifer said...

My greatest wish is that Gary gives Ali something to think about. His last threat should be enacted.that'll teach to go sticking his beak in!

Anonymous said...

So you're condoning Gary's behaviour? Nice! When all he is trying to do is warm Maria about what the real Gary is doing for a living. He is a murderer after all

dhvinyl said...

My admiration goes out for Rita who, alone in her plushly furnished flat which the cameras reveal is attached to a poky kitchen, has managed to conjure up a magnificent glittery decorated Christmas tree, and fill her dining table with a huge wreath. That’ll help her loneliness! And what was Norris doing for 20 seconds...fulfilling his contract ? The steady increase in facial hair is getting a bit worrying too....doesn’t suit thick Tim at all.


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