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Sunday 29 December 2019

Jennie McAlpine interview: Jade calls Social Services on Fiz

How have Fiz and Tyrone been coping with everything that has gone on over the past few months?
This has been a very tricky time for them both, Fiz and Hope had been away for a long time and adjusting to being back home has been difficult for everyone. Fiz thought that having Jade there was helping matters, totally unaware that she was stoking the fire - literally! Then the situation with the gun has added to the pressure.

Jade is asked to move out this week - what happens then?
Evelyn is behind it as she still doesn’t trust Jade and never wanted her to come back to stay over Christmas. But this has resulted in Jade using all the ammunition she has been building up or creating about Fiz in her last ditch attempt to get Hope away from Fiz. There is a knock at the door and it is social services saying that doctors are concerned about some injuries Hope has had.

How does Fiz feel when Hope corroborates the story?
She is in a state of shock and she can’t believe that both children are not allowed to stay in the home . Kevin steps in and says they can stay at his which is a better alternative than them being taken into care at this stage, Jade does a great job of acting shocked at what has happened.

What happens when the girls try to come home?
The girls sneak away from Kevin’s and Fiz finds them in the back yard. Jade has been watching and reports it to social services who say that the girls must now go into care as Fiz has breached their terms.

The truth comes out this week about Jade - what did you think when you were first told about the storyline?
I thought it was absolutely brilliant. Both Tyrone and Fiz have the spectre of their ex partners in the background and that history is something they both have to deal with. To bring John Stape back from the dead in this way is fantastic.

Do you think it will drive a wedge between Tyrone and Fiz? 
It will be interesting to see what happens, it would be easy for Tyrone to blame Fiz for bringing Jade into their lives. At the end of the day Hope is not his daughter but I do think they are strong and can get through this.

Will Fiz have any sympathy for Jade?
Fiz is a mother and a caring person, she will understand that Jade is a victim in all of this too but first of all she has to try and clear her name. Jade has caused the family so many problems and there is worse to come.


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