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Friday 27 December 2019

Coronation Street episode review Thursday 26 December 2019

Boxing Day on the Street opens with Michelle placing flowers on the spot where Robert collapsed at the corner of the Rovers after he had been accidentally shot by Derek the upright but alcoholic former factory owner.  Although supporting Michelle Ryan and Ali are soon arguing in the cafe and Ryan explains that he refuses to consider Robert a saint because he is dead.  Ali reckons that Ryan is to blame for not informing on Gary to the police as that would have prevented Derek wandering around with a shooter.  Similarly both Michelle and Vicky (who magically appears in the Bistro despite having dumped her phone earlier in the week) consider that they are both responsible for Robert's death as if they had not framed him he would not have been outside the Rovers to get shot.  Regrets everywhere at past actions!  They both accept the need to move to Ireland and move on (above).

Shona is alive and recovering well from the operation to close the artery damaged when she took a bullet from Derek and pulling David's leg (above) over his leaving her bedside for a few minutes.  Shona gives David a matching female weasel to go with Vin Diesel in "Trim Up North".  Even Gail cannot work it out!

Audrey explains that the girl weasel does all the work with the man-weasel getting all the credit and the man weasel gets paid more adds Shona.  Shona attempts to stand to go to the toilet and immediately collapses.  After the break she is rushed back into surgery and the same doctor who operated overnight, saw David this morning and then undertook the second operation (so how many hours has he been on duty) reports that during the operation she had a cardiac arrest and Shona's brain was oxygen starved, so there may be brain damage.  She has a further arrest once she has returned from surgery.  More seriously she cannot breathe without a ventilator and so it will be some time before they know the extent of any brain damage or indeed if Shona will ever regain consciousness.

Fiz and Tyrone decide not to tell Hope and Ruby why there are police on the Street (but did Hope have something to do with the unlocked shop?).  Gary is on Fiz's case not to report the gun she brought in and the grown-ups are saying nothing.  Jade has worked out that the gun was not decommissioned and leans on Fiz (above) to back Gary up and say nothing - and she now has a useful piece with which to blackmail Fiz later!  DS Thurston (where is MacKinnon?) interviews Gary and seems to swallow his story about alcoholic Derek going off on one.

Adam has spent the night at Daniel's and is unsure that Sarah meant yes when she said yes to his proposal and he has to find out.  Daniel is meanwhile missing his mate, Robert.  Adam is having trouble contacting Sarah.  Daniel and Bertie Osbourne and the  Connors gather at the Bistro for Robert's last lasagne with roasted vegetables.  Ryan and Ali continue to argue and eventually Ali leaves, turning up at the Weatherfield police station to give them information on the local loan shark's illegal activities (above).

Apparently Gary has another antique gun at the lock up so can pretend that was the one which Fiz brought in.  Hope had a hand in it - but with Derek Milligan dead will we ever discover what actually happened?  I am willing to take bets that Shona is not going to be well for a long time and will need to go away for special therapy somewhere remote for anything up to a year.  And have we really got to the bottom of what Max was doing when he was not at home or his grandmother's?

Written by Alasdair Morrison and directed by Judith Dine


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Karen said...

So thats how Shona goes out on maternity leave????

Anonymous said...

Julia goes on maternity leave. Shona isn't pregnant


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