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Friday 27 December 2019

Coronation Street episode review Friday 27 December 2019

David is pleading with Shona to wake up (above) but she remains in a coma throughout the episode.  David is sent to either the waiting room or the chapel on the first floor as they want to run tests on the inert body.  The suggestion of visiting the chapel is surely evidence of where this is going.  So extended hospital scenes as David is joined by Sarah, Audrey and Nick (can someone please erase the beards - Ali, Nick, David, Adam, Peter, Ty, Gary - has the whole of Manchester been taken over by these strange growths, enough!).  Gail must be child minding.  The CT scan rules out a stroke, the other tests show no discernible brain activity - and we all know what that really means.

In the cafe Ali is told by Maria to stay away from her, Liam and Gary as she has had enough - but Ali wants Gary to face justice, whilst most of the Street consider Gary to be a hero.  Ali and Ryan then start arguing as Ali wants Ryan to back him up - but Ryan reminds us all that Gary knows about Ali's drug addiction and it will backfire - and Ryan does not want another beating.  Michelle comes downstairs with Carla as they are going to identify Robert and the argument stops.  Michelle sends them to the Bistro to pack up a couple of boxes of the items not passing to the new owner.  A little later Michelle, Carla, Ryan and Ali have left the Bistro with the boxes and meet the new owner - Ray Crosby (above) who simply could not pass up on a bargain basement priced Bistro (one without a chef or manager - but hey who cares?).  Michelle strides back into the Bistro and breaks bottles, glasses and throws a vase of flowers on the floor (which made the wrong noise on impact).

When she returns to the flat Maria updates Gary on Shona's coma and he starts to look worried.  Gary knows he is in a corner and is worried how he will get out of it.

Ty, Fiz, Hope, Ruby and Jade are playing Cluedo (a game based on a murder) which gives Hope the opportunity to ask Fiz if the gun depicted is like the one she took into Gary's shop!  Later Fiz has to explain to Ty that she bought the gun believing it to be decommissioned and it was subsequently stolen.  Fiz explains that she did not want to tell the police as she could not face another jail sentence (originally a 15 year sentence for murder - but later found not guilty).  Ty expresses (above) the usual soap outburst that he wishes she had told him.

At the hospital Adam finally gets to talk to Sarah-Lou.  He is thinking she did not want to get engaged but she makes it clear that she does and so does he.  I argued about two years ago that the Platt and Barlow families should be joined in holy matrimony citing these two (rather than Bethany and Daniel) as well suited and my crystal ball has finally got a prediction right.  I am amazed!  Sarah wants no more crazy theories about Gary the superhero as a condition!  They seal the deal above!

The Connors plus Peter and Roy gather in the Rovers for a farewell drink for Michelle who attempts to get her "sons" to stop squabbling.  She also calls Ray a creep and "handsy" but refuses to explain further.  Peter is praised for his care of Carla and he says he will continue to look after her.

There is a closing montage over the "Day is Done" by Nick Drake as Michelle used to sing to Ryan and they cuddle in the pub, Ty cuddles Fiz, Maria seeks to calm Gary with kisses, David crying as he holds Shona's hand and finally as Michelle departs, in tears, in the back of a StreetCars cab (below).

Confused at me being here again?  Well so was I when I found that my normal double episode Friday slot had been split into two and half of it appeared on Boxing Day whilst today was Friday, earlier on Emmerdale I got confused when they said something was happening tomorrow when they really mean Monday.  I do wish TPTB would sort these inconsistencies out!

Written by Sam Holdsworth and directed by Judith Dine.


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