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Saturday 14 December 2019

Coronation Street weekly update – December 14 2019

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Yasmeen and Geoff return from a Las Vegas holiday, married. It’s a shocker all round, not least for Tim when he finds out that a Las Vegas wedding is legal. This has been a great storyline, and my highlight of the week. Tim’s reeling as he remembers marrying a woman in Vegas on a drunken holiday years ago. He thought it wasn’t real and didn’t count and when Steve and Kev point out that Tim’s a bigamist, he sets out to do the right thing. He tracks down the woman he wed. She’s working in a bar in town and he asks her for a divorce. Then he proposes to Sally all over again. She hasn’t got a clue what’s gone on and accepts Tim’s proposal, calling him an old romantic. Little does Sally know that Tim’s already got a secret wife.

Robert’s got the cops on him this week as they search for missing Vicky. They find a bloodstained piece of china vase in Vicky’s house and another in Robert’s van. It’s not looking good for Robert, but has he done away with her? I reckon Vicky’s behind this, hiding away and making sure Robert gets the blame.

Rita’s all alone in the run-up to Christmas. Jenny’s too busy in the Rovers to talk to her. Gemma and Chesney are trying – and failing – to cope with the quads as they come home from hospital and have no time for Rita. Then Norris calls by and he and Rita reminisce over a pot of tea in her flat and then he leaves and she’s on her own again. All the while, the camera sort of slow-pans away from Rita leaving her looking miserable in a cardi. They might as well have had a flashing sign over Rita’s head that says LONELY OLD WOMAN AT CHRISTMAS SHOCK STORYLINE for it was just about as subtle as that.

Ken, Adam and Peter take it on themselves to help Daniel as he struggles to cope with baby Bertie on his own after Sinead’s death. Daniel locks himself in his flat and watches re-runs of Sinead’s videos which does him no good at all. It’s also a bit dull for the viewer, let’s face it. Anyway, when the Barlow men get Daniel outdoors, he gets drunk in the Bistro then run over by Cathy’s car on the cobbles. He’s fine and suffers just a few scratches and then chats Bethany up on the Street.

Elsewhere this week, Maria’s pregnant with Gary’s child. Ali is jealous when he hears the news and warns Maria that Gary’s a loan shark but Maria won’t believe any of it.

Big Garth’s winter wonderland is more grotty than grotto when Santa gets drunk and the Elves start passing a joint around. I’m not really sure what the point of all this was apart from Michael Bailey to wax lyrical about how good it could be if he had the money to invest in it and how much his daughter Tianna and ex-girlfriend Grace – who nobody knew about until a week ago – would love it.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were Simon Crowther (Monday); Chris Fewtrell (Wednesday), Susan Oudot (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online


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