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Tuesday 17 December 2019

Coronation Street Episode Monday 16th December

Everyone has had a sleepless night, Robert down the cells (although now released without charge), Gemma and Ches (and Paul) with their quadruple babies, and possibly Michael with his plans for an Under New Management Winter Wonderland. Tim is also plotting to remarry Sally in secret and Roy plans to show Richard a good time via his model train-set (in a flat that's not big enough to swing a hamster!?).

Which story shall we pick up first? Spin the storyline wheel...Robert finds out Michelle has put the Bistro on the market and takes umbrage, smashing the for sale sign, interrupted by Peter and D.S. MacKinnon (who surely has just been through a messy divorce and is determined to find someone better) who has come to tell Rob that his satnav says that he was in the woods where they suspect Vicky's body is buried. Is this the local murder woods where Rick's remains are interred? Paula's been watching too many episodes of The Dublin Murders and suggests they try to find out who had access to the van and wanted to hurt Vicky; Robert immediately accuses Michelle. She launches a counter-accusation saying he must have driven Vicky's lifeless body to Homicide Woods, to which Robert replies: "I never mentioned any woods." Michelle 0 D.S. Preston 1. He threatens Michelle, interrupted again by Peter - and Carla who takes Michelle away. She gets a mini revenge by telling the police, who take Robert in again, about his steroid abuse and other incidents. D.S. Mac says she will charge him with GBH and then! we get the reveal that Vicky is in a cheap hotel and she and Michelle set up the whole thing between them. This is what happens when you scorn women, Robbie!

Meanwhile, Gemma is worried the midwife will look down on her, whilst Kirk thinks of a production line solution to the quads' feeding and changing needs. He himself isn't interested in changing nappies, instead deciding his role will be to sing lullabies to the little ones. What's happened to Kirk's singing "career"? Wouldn't he be releasing some kind of awful novelty Xmas song?

I think the Corrie writers might have shot themselves in the foot with this storyline ans they'll have to employ four similar looking children at various developmental stages for the next 18 years. Unless they send some off to live with Cilla or something. Anyway, Freshco's ring up to demand the first photo shoot and their photographer rather nosily opens a cupboard and lots of stuff falls out, leading Gemma to complain people are looking down on her. Jeez, I think people understand you don't have time to tidy with four kids. Tara from Freshco's thinks of a new slogan for the supermarket, Every Little Helps Freshco: Helps You Carry The Burden.

Michael has bought a hook-a-Santa game, a helter skelter and some scarily large gingerbread men (let's hope all this stuff doesn't come to life when mini-Lapland closes down for the night). The piece de resistance is poor Ed dressed as Santa (he complains the costume gives him hives). From Aggie's reaction, I think she might get him to wear it....later.

Sally has found a "really expensive" vow renewal venue but Tim 'fesses up his bigamy crime. Sally is understandably angry; Tim reassures her that it's not an affair but that doesn't cut any mustard or even ketchup. Sally thinks there's no way out as if Tim divorces Charlie, it might trigger an investigation and he might go to prison. To be honest, I imagine council cuts have hit registrars as well, and they probably wouldn't bother if it was a genuine error.

Turns out Richard isn't as into model railways as his half-brother and he is immediately bored with the train-set, saying he preferred Subbuteo (Roy used to use the Subbuteo characters as train passengers). He tells Roy that says he had a trial for County's youth team, but was injured. He says he still listens to the games and Roy kindly buys Kirk's scarf and top off of him (only slightly smelling of Hai Karate) and goes to listen to the game with Richard. He's been doing some research on County and tells Richard about their first manager, Harry Belmont, who used to throw projectiles at the players to make them run faster (!). Nina says a new carer will be starting tomorrow, so there's no more reason for Roy to visit. Aw.

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Anonymous said...

The whole murder frame won't mean anything when Robert ends up being murdered by Derek, which we all know is what will happen since a) he's leaving the show b) he's the most expendable of those that are leaving.

And damn it, the spoilers made it clear that it's 100% not going to be Michelle that's killed.

C in Canada said...

Why do they have to keep messing with Tim and Sally's marriage?
I know it's soap but why can't SOME couples be left solid and get into scrapes together instead of trying to cause aggro between them?

Rebecca said...

Is anyone surprised that Michelle and Vickie are working together? My husband was having a coffee with me while I watched the Sunday AM omnibus here in Canada. We're a couple weeks behind the UK and he only watches a few minutes/week and he looked at me and said that "the brunette and the pregnant girl are working together." Lol!

coconno196 said...

So obvious that Michelle and Vicky would be plotting together, but is such an extreme "revenge" justified? Michelle already has the bistro and Robert's flat. Why not just give Vicky a financial settlement for the baby rather than concoct a murder charge? But of course the soap police will believe anything.

Louby said...

Won't the hiding Vicky thing get blown when she has to give birth?! Surely they could be done for perverting the course of justice?

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Surely even Tim isn't clueless enough not to realize that he has been married 15 years?! Then, like, "oh yeah, I married trolly dolly charlie 15 years ago for a lark!" And would there really be all those penalties if it was a genuine misunderstanding? Particularly given that he couldn't read at the time, so he would not have been able to read any marriage documents?! The stupidity and pointlessness of this storyline just belies belief, particularly given that it was already done with Beth (which was a lot more believable, given her chequered past and the fact that her first husband was the father of her child).

CaribooCorrieFan said...

Bonnie in Canada:
I can't wait for the Michelle/Robert/Vicky story to be done. I can't stand any of them.

C in Canada said...

@Rebecca - my husband said the same thing the other night and I wouldn't believe him! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Jeanie: The collusion was obvious, particularly the way both women flinched so dramatically every time Robert came near them. Perhaps it means Vicky will stay on the show...maybe at the Bistro, if they can get it back from Ray.

I have to say: while entertaining, I don't much like these extreme women revenge plots. They're just too hateful and cruel. Look where Eva's ended up (death of Aidan). And now Robert facing the same fate. If a man did this to a woman who had cheated on him (stole their livelihood and home which is what both Eva and Michelle did), it would be considered abusive. It doesn't make it okay that a woman is doing this to a man! Regardless of Robert's behaviour, Michelle has no right to steal his share of the Bistro and then sell it and pocket the money. That is theft, plain and simple. And it was the same with Eva--her plan with Adam that ended with the factory's roof being ripped off set all the later tragic happenings in motion (Aidan's death, Rana's death, Gary's transformation). Come on, women! Now that we are no longer helpless victims, we don't need these extreme revenge scenarios to set injustices right.


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