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Friday 6 December 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 6 December

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

It’s really not getting any better for Robert. After spending the night somewhere uncomfortable looking, he turns up at the Bistro, still in his wedding suit only to be turned away by Ryan. Then he lets himself into the flat just at the same time that DS McKinnon arrives to question him. Unlucky. She’s particularly interested in him arguing with Vicky and then taking a walk by the canal on his own on the morning of his wedding to Michelle. Personally, my defence would have been something along the lines of: ‘Look if you were going to shackle yourself to that mardy mare for life, you’d need a bit of time to yourself too!’ But being a man with all the IQ of a crayon, he only manages to look shifty and tell her it’s complicated. Another thing a smart man would surely do is change the locks on the flat that he owns and let the woman who stole his restaurant find somewhere else to live with her two sons. But as I said, not a genius…

Later DS McKinnon questions the Queen of the Universe over whether Robert has ever been violent. She is surprisingly quite unwilling to drop him in it, so McKinnon corners Carla on the street who tells her that he beat up Richie when he (wrongly) thought he was stalking Michelle and put a brick through her car window. All of this is heard by Robert from quite far across the other side of the street. The man must have ears like a bat! I’ve heard that people with reduced eyesight develop increased hearing but I never thought it was same with one crown jewel. You learn something new every day. 

Also having a bad day is our Reet. She’s supposed to be going to visit Emily in Edinburgh but remembers she’s promised a lonely old lady that she’ll feed her cat (anyone who grew up in the 80's please refrain from Mrs Slocombe pussy jokes). She spends the whole morning ringing around her alleged friends and finds no one who will take on cat-sitting duties except Ryan. That fact that she’s willing to take him up on his offer shows how desperate she is, because let’s face it you wouldn’t even leave Ryan in charge of a fruit bowl. But it’s all been a waste of time anyway as Emily then calls to say that she has bronchitis. Calling at the Kabin, she finds Brian has hired Gail in her absence. Reet sadly concludes that she too is a lonely old lady with no friends.

Meanwhile Maria tells Gary she needs to speak to him, but he’s distracted by seeing Derek hanging about so tells her he will meet her at the Bistro. At the Bistro he’s similarly distracted by Sarah and Nick who are clearly planning something. Feeling rejected Maris storms out. Gary later wins her round but not before we’ve seen her stash a pregnancy test in her designer-pretending-to-be-fake bag. Oh gawd not another accidental pregnancy. Please, please will someone install a condom machine in the Rovers. The sales are coming up you might get a two for one deal. It turns out that Gary’s paranoia may have been justified as later we see Derek secretly meet up with Nick and Sarah and agree to sell them the factory.

Having the worst day of all is Paul. He gives his evidence to the police, recounting how Kel gave him presents and alcohol and then took pictures of him in his underwear. Although his family try to support him, they all fear Kel will get off. Deciding to take matters into her own hands Bernie drags Chesney with her to the precinct where she writes ‘paedo’ under a picture of Kel and loudly tells all the other shoppers what he’s done. But Kel manages to twist her words to make them sound unconvincing. She attacks him and in the scuffle Kel is pushed to the floor and given a bloody nose. As the the other security guards arrive to grab them, Bernie knees one of them where it hurts and runs for it leaving Ches to face the music.

Later sleezy Kel turns up at the house. He lies that the police found nothing in his flat or on the laptop and tries to convince them Paul made the whole thing up. Gemma and Bernie go to the police station for answers (who was looking after Joseph?) and through a lot of very irritating yelling they discover that Paul’s account and the photos are not going to be enough to convict Kel, and that Bernie has to stay away from him or face prosecution. Dejected, they return home but it looks like Bernie has one last trick up her sleeve. On her laptop she contacts Kel about his DJ lessons…posing as a teenage boy.  Will her cat-fishing work?

And that’s all folks.
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popcorn said...

Great write-up, especially about Robert.

Newfy Pearl said...

I love that so far the only person who believes Robert incapable of murder is Tracy!
I liked when Bernie was saying that she was the worst mother in the world, Gemma spoke up and mentioned Cilla! Love it.
Love the relationship of Carla and Michelle. Although she is not 100% sure that Michelle is doing the right thing, she is by her side all the way. That is a friend to have for sure, because you know that in the end when if it all goes pear shape, she will be there to pick up the pieces.

Anonymous said...

If anyone could have driven Robert to murder her it was Tracy so they should heed her expert opinion. Lol.


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