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Thursday 12 December 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 11th Dec 7.30 pm

I'm starting to wonder whether the Geoff/Yasmeen Vegas marriage plot is a feeder for Tim's Vegas marriage plot, or vice versa? I'm not even sure I like either plot but either way, the pace of things certainly has me wondering where this is all leading too. It's a strange one, to say the least. Sighting the shotgun Wedding as a cause for celebration, Sally's idea of a party is predictably taken over by control freak Geoff. I wish Yasmeen would 'wake-up' already! Geoff's coerciveness was also extended to his new 'grandaughter' Alya, whom he convinces not to attend the party. Predictably, he then tells Yasmeen that Alya isn't interested in attending anyway. Are we even interested? I know it happens in real-life (I've seen it with my own eyes) but surely Yasmeen wouldn't be so easily fooled?

Meanwhile, Tim visits Imran who confirms that his most recent marriage to Sally is actually null and void. 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas' isn't the mantra he needs to hear from Steve and Tim, but they decide to help him to track down 'Charlie' the air hostess, anyway. Although you'd imagine she's travelling all around the world, they track her down on social media, to a backstreet bar in Manchester's Northern Quarter.  A convenience purely for drama purposes - I can only guess, yet not really believable. Hoping to annul the marriage on (lack of) consummation grounds. Tim is annoyed to find out that they actually 'did it' yet Charlie is happy to dissolve the union, so Tim can remarry Sally (in secret). Is this humour or drama, do we think?

Daniel's descent into grief-stricken torment continues tonight, as he teeters dangerously close to borderline alcoholism. Ken, Adam, and Peter rally round to support him but his guilt for betrayal with Bethany appears to be eating him up. Adam and Peter decide that Daniel needs a trip to the Bistro!, Bethany's place of work. Yeah, because that's a good idea. Booze and the 'other woman'. It's like a car crash waiting to happen...

Also at the Bistro, Michelle's clandestine approach to seizing control of The Bistro looks to be complete, and Robert's anger makes him go all 'Gordon Ramsay'. Michelle storms the kitchen with Ryan and Ali in tow, demanding that Robert leaves the business immediately, which he does, but not before punching Ali, of course. Must be testosterone on tonight's menu as Daniel drunkenly swaggers out of the Bistro with a stolen wine bottle, hastily followed by Bethany. Drunk and disorientated, Daniel stupidly walks straight out into the busy road, where he is run over by Cathy.

In a slightly surreal piece of production, Daniel awakes from unconsciousness and seems to think Bethany is Sinead. It's very psychedelic, but a tad too 'Hollyoaks' for my liking.
Possibly concussed, Daniel's head is obviously spinning so he steadies himself in the community garden, confiding his woes to Bethany. Admitting his undying love for Sinead, he also confesses to Bethany about what Sinead said on her death bed confession. Its a passionate scene, no doubt, and it makes me wonder whether Daniel and Bethany will become a couple, after all?

Later on, Daniel has a little 'chat' with Baby Bertie, and it looks like some changes are to be made...

At a slower pace, 'Big Garth' is back! and Victoria Market looks to be bang on trend opening a 'winter wonderland'; Lapland for Weatherfield? I'm with Evelyn on this, they largely sell overpriced booze and tat but hey ho ( or ho! ho! ho!) it's certainly a good setting for a festive plot or two...

Big Garth also points out that Maria's 'knock-off' handbag is the real deal. Ali's little truth nugget about him being a loan shark must be ringing in her ears, unlike Gary's furniture shop till, so she seeks an explanation from her fella. Dismissing Fiz's gossip as just that, Gary manages to fool Maria into thinking his profit margins are good, and not that he's a loan shark. He does tell her the truth about Ryan though, which is slippery but it works. I'm a big fan of Gary (I've met Mikey in real life, he's an utter gent) but what are your thoughts on his new bad boy persona?

As ever, Maria is blinded by a manipulating man and disbelieves Ali when he persistantly tries to tell her the truth. Gary meanwhile, plays Ali his ace card and blackmails him with the 'big pharma' secret.

Michelle also plays Robert at his own game and throws him out of their flat. Why IS she so suddenly concerned by Vicky's disappearance? Is she 'in' on this, is this some kind of Michelle/Vicky coordinated revenge on the cheating chef? I think so but then surely the police wouldn't be involved, would they?

That's my round-up of thoughts on tonight's plotlines -what are yours?

Let us know in the comments section.

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Louby said...

I could have believed that Yasmeen could be manipulated like that if the man was the type who could turn on the charm when required, but Geoff has none of that! There's no enjoyment in watching his scenes, he's so awful.

The best line in the show was Evelyn suggesting that Gary must have won spot the ball to afford the handbag. I had to explain to my son what it was.

abbyk said...

I think you’ve hit it with why the Yasmeen coercion story is bothering me so much. If Sally, Eileen or Gail were being flattered then fooled, I could believe it. But not Yasmeen. She was always an intelligent, strong woman who could successfully do what needed doing for herself. Sharif brought her down but she pulled herself back up. Why a bright sophisticated woman would fall for a dolt like Geoff in the first place is beyond comprehension. How the woman who took over the library is crumbling into a spineless heap is even worse. (I was ready to smack him after that white glove test)

Re: Michelle and Los Cajones Grande, where does she get off kicking Robert out the flat he owns? Did that go in the Bistro deal as well? I don’t like Robert but even he doesn’t deserve this.

Anonymous said...

It's precisely what happened with Sharif that makes Yasmeen's credulity now plausible.
Sharif was no charmer either yet she didn't have the first clue about what he was up to either as a cheating spouse or as an embezzler of family money to support his mistress until the minute the truth came out. Then so much happened in her family after that I doubt she ever sat down and tried to see if there were any clues she should have noticed in hindsight. Lots of smart people wear blinders when they're in love.

Also Geoff being a creep fits perfectly with Tim's storyline. Looking at Tim now, keeping in mind how quickly Anna taught him to read just by taking an interest in doing that, it's obvious that if his father had been any sort of a parent to him when he was growing up, Tim couldn't have fallen so low as to lose everything including custody of his daughter.
Geoff and Yasmeen are depressing to watch but still very credible.

C in Canada said...

I completely lose interest whenever Geoff comes on the screen. I hate the storyline and I cringe for Yasmeen who of course deserves better.
I do look forward to the Tim element of it though, oddly.
Why Yasmeen ever looked twice at Geoff is beyond me....and the way he's been treating her...I'm done yelling at my tv, I'm just done with Geoff completely.

SimoneJenifer said...

Bad Boy Gary is awesome to watch. He’s just like old Gary, but with money. He still has a big heart. Sadly, his heart seems to be set on Sarah still...he was way to quick to shout out the baby news in the pub. I have a terrible feeling that, once again, Maria has not met her Prince Charming (she may want to give online dating a try).

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I hate the Geoff story line and want to vomit every time I see his creepy, unctuous little smirk or hear that smug, patronizing little voice. And don't get me started on that shiny little gold chain he flaunts on his bared chest as though he fancies himself as a 20 something Lothario.

That said--I find the story itself and the actors pitch perfect. Alot of highly intelligent, capable, independent women are very naive when it comes to men; and Yasmeen has led a very sheltered life. It also helps explain why he had no interest in Audrey and made a beeline for Yasmeen. People like him are usually quite good at picking out their victims, and he realized that Audrey, a woman of the world, would never have tolerated that sort of abuse (even though she is not as smart or educated as Yasmeen). So, while I hate seeing Yasmeen falling under Geoff's thumb, it, unfortunately, plays very believably for me.

On another note--I think Tim's and Geoff's marriage story line will become intertwined. Tim will start to suspect what Geoff is up to, but Geoff will blackmail him over Tim's first marriage.Can't see any other reason for the bigamy plot, since it was just done with Kirk and Beth.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

Yes, Geoff is horrible but the guy who plays him is such a good actor, he's got under all your skins!
As I recall, he was very charming at the start.
Plenty of highly intelligent, attractive, successful women become involved in bad relationships. I'm utterly convinced by Yasmeen's 'people pleasing' personality. A lot of women her age are like this.
Again, the actress who plays her is brilliant.
Despite murder bigamy,teens getting pregnant, love triangles, drugs, loan sharks, car crashes,selling babies etc I think this is one of the most important storylines Corrie has covered.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I'm still not sure I want to see this grim little tale, but I agree (n a way) that it's an important storyline. When we think of abuse we think of these tempestuous violent relationships with young people being battered--like Charlie and Shelly and Tyrone and Kirsty. But lots of ordinary people,older people, lonely people are very vulnerable to Geoff's coercive control.Yasmeen, an older woman, abandoned by her husband, her son dead, her grandson leaving is clearly very lonely--not to mention vulnerable, sexually inexperienced. And predators can smell that vulnerability miles away. It's all very realistic--too realistic! That's why I'm not sure I want to see this's too on target.


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