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Monday 16 December 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 13 December 2019

Weatherfield Winter Wonderland is a huge con - a drunk Santa, elves flying high without reindeers or sleighs and no pressies for the children but there is a rather nice tunnel entrance (above) where Grace is telling Michael that she has been looking at better paid jobs in London so that she can afford improved childcare (housing costs are also much higher - she will be so much worse off!).  Big Garth is not doing well with his vision of the WWW (Weatherfield Winter Wonderland).  The former and possibly current girlfriend Grace Vickers and daughter Tianna disappear in a cloud of anger blaming Michael for taking them somewhere so unsavoury.  Michael Bailey thinks he has spotted a goldmine and tells Garth he can turn it around for half the profits.  To be fair it is about time Michael had a success. 

Geoff shames Yasmeen into cleaning the house - twice - in readiness for the drinks party he has insisted happens to celebrate their Vegas wedding.  Geoff refuses to prepare his "signature" dressed crab dish - which he reminds Yasmeen must be triple checked to ensure no shell reaches the final plate - as he has errands (executed reading the paper in the cafe) and then takes detailed notes when Sally apparently has lipstick on her glass and Cathy "chokes" on a piece of shell.  Once the guests have departed he gets scarily close to Yasmeen and explains the errors of her ways in not ensuring all of the glasses were super clean and the damage that Cathy suffered from the piece of shell and especially Yasmeen's obvious incompetence at failing to ensure that all of the shell was removed.  Above we see him trying to force Yasmeen to eat some of the shell infested crab - almost forcing it into her mouth.  The lazy good for nothing tyrant then goes off to sleep by himself and Yasmeen again cannot really understand what she has done wrong to wind him up; she thinks the dirty wine glass was unfortunate and she is sure she checked the crab.  He tells her "Next time.  Be.  More.  Careful.".

Tim starts the episode with his head in hands wondering just how he can manage his bigamous situation and manage to put matters right without encountering the Wrath of Sally (it makes the Wrath of Khan look like a playground dispute over a game of conkers).  As events unroll he decides that he will ask Sally to marry him - which he does at the Geoff/Yasmeen drinks party and assures the doubting Abi (whom he told earlier - Sally's best friend after Gail) and Kevin that he will organise a divorce (from Charlie), a vow renewal with Sally and then get her to resign the paperwork by suggesting that they need new photos (above).  Neither Kevin or Abi believe he can pull it off without getting killed along the way! 

Too much of the show was taken up by the newly glamourous DS McKinnon pursuing Robert Preston (perhaps she could run Robert Peston out of town - he is very annoying).  Robert spent the night at the Rovers (much against Johnny's wishes) and as he checks out he is arrested by McKinnon.  During the programme Robert is interviewed over the disappearance of Vicky and searches are undertaken in Vicky's house, Michelle's flat and Robert's room at the Rovers.  Two fragments of china with Vicky's blood (how do they know it is Vicky's blood) are found in her house and in the rear of the Viaduct Bistro van (where Robert was sleeping).  McKinnon has what she believes is enough evidence to at least hold Robert, so he is cuffed and marched away.  Michelle does not seem at all bothered about Vicky being missing and I do wonder if she has had a hand in it.  The Bistro Van was seen near woods and those woods are being searched (above).  Will they find the body of Rick Neelan is a question being asked on Twitter?

Daniel thanks Bethany for her pep talk on Wednesday - watched by James Bailey who obviously feels that Bethany could do better than him!  He talks to Bethany later in the Rovers and she says she knows she is being judged by the entire Street and that she feels guilty even talking to Daniel - but Daniel needs a mate and gossips are not going to stop her (you go gal!).

Unexpectedly rather than two quads now and two quads later arriving home with Gemma the hospital need the cots and decide to evict all four.  Gemma and Chesney have prepared a chart so that in turn the four babies can be changed, fed, winded, encouraged to sleep.  However within hours any chance of a routine is failing as they struggle to remember which of the babies is next and to update the chart as soon as anything is completed, the various babies are crying keeping others awake and visitors in the shape Fiz and Paul find near chaos ruling (above). 

All three episodes this week were an hour long and each hour was a single writer.  I prefer it, the whole week has felt good and to me it seemed to flow better; the format means that the commercial breaks can be moved slightly so that something can play out.  I liked it as it did not seem so "choppy".  I realise that this cannot be the way forward but if it is a possibility then it has my vote!

Written by Susan Oudot and directed by Tim O'Mara


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C in Canada said...

I had to laugh at Fiz's quote in the picture. As a parent, I get it. LOL


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