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Saturday 21 December 2019

Coronation Street weekly update – December 21 2019

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This week Robert was in the cop shop just about to be charged with the murder of Vicky Jeffries. Meanwhile Michelle turned up at a grotty B&B and there was Vicky holed up there, in labour and giving birth. Michelle acted as midwife in this unusual twist that I never saw coming. But as I’ve either fast-forwarded or muted most of this storyline over the last few weeks I can’t tell you what else happened I’m afraid. All I know is that Michelle leaves Coronation Street next week (it’s been well publicized, so it’s not a spoiler) and Robert is leaving too.

Elsewhere this week Michelle puts the Bistro up for sale and a mystery buyer offers a ridiculously low offer which she is forced to accept. But who is the buyer? We’ll find out very soon!

Tim comes clean to Sally about his Las Vegas wife and Sally is left reeling. He offers to marry Sally again, thinking that’ll do the trick once his divorce from his first wife comes through. However Imran tells him it won’t be as easy as that and the legal system will judge him harshly for being married to two women at once.

Gemma struggles to cope with the quads especially when Freshco want their pound of baby flesh and photographs of the kids. She’s under stress, duress and is at breaking point. So when Rita asks if she can help, you’d have thought Gemma would welcome an extra pair of hands about the place. But she shuns Rita and rushes off.

Rita’s left wondering if she’s got any mates left on the street. Audrey? Roy? Ken? Oh come on, they’re all there, Reet! Get out and have a drink with them all! But instead she pours tears over old photographs in her flat alone. I understand this storyline, Corrie are saying that if loneliness at Christmas can happen to Rita it can happen to anyone.  Then Jenny pops round and offers to take Rita out but when Rita finds out that Gemma has sent her because she’s feeling guilty about giving her the brush-off over the quads, Rita bristles with bruised pride and refuses to go out with Jenny.

In other news this week Roy’s brother Richard dies. Nina blames Roy for her dad’s death as Roy left Richard alone in his flat where he fell and died. Roy and Carla try to reach out to Nina after Richard dies but Nina won’t have anything to do with them – yet.

Over at the factory, Derek tries to sell Underworld to Nick and Sarah, even though Gary really owns it. I’ve lost track of this storyline so my understanding of it may well be wrong. But when Gary finds out what Derek’s trying to do, he’s not best pleased and gets an evil glint in his eye while Derek just gets very drunk.

And that’s just about that for this week.

This week’s writers were Cameron McAllister and Julie Jones (Monday); Martin Allen and Mark Burt (Wednesday), Jan McVerry and Steven Fay (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online


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