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Tuesday 10 December 2019

Christmas Chat with Mikey North & Samia Longchambon

Coronation Street Blogger Sophie sat down with Mikey North and Samia Longchambon to discuss all things Christmas and how Gary and Maria’s relationship might be central to the Corrie festive drama.

Not the M&S Winter Range
Without giving too much away, the two shared their thoughts on the build-up and how their  characters' relationship is going.

Does Maria think she’s found “the one” with Gary?

SL: “No, I don’t think she think’s he’s the one, but she feels like she could settle with Gary, she’s really happy with him, he’s doing everything she’d want a partner to do. When she starts hearing all these rumours about him she just prays it’s not true, she wants to believe him because she want it to work”.

MN: “I think the big thing with Gary and Maria is the kid thing in that they’ve both got children, it’s probably nice to meet someone that’s also got kids and that’s a big factor as to why they got together.”

SL: “Absolutely.”

And on the unfinished business with the dashing doctor?

SL: “She’s kind of pushing her feelings towards Ali to one side and giving it her all with Gary. She was really in love with Ali and she’s never really been given a proper explanation as to what happened”.

Millions will tune in to watch the story unfold over the festive holiday - will you watch Corrie on Christmas Day?

MN: “I don’t know yet. I might be forced to watch it!”

Do you think Gary has picked up a few tips from Phelan?

MN: “Absolutely. I learned from the best there. And Rick too, he was a really good baddie. I think they drove him to where he is now.”

It sounds like the new Gary we see today was all part of new producer Iain MacLeod’s big plan.

MN: “They told me at last year’s Christmas do that they were going on this new direction for Gary and Iain’s been true to his word it’s all been carried through and we’ve got lots to come in the new year as well”.

Mikey suggests the current storylines he’s involved in will continue well into the New Year.

MN: “Without giving too much away, after Chrtistmas Day he starts feeling bad and tries to get back to the old Gary but a couple of things are going to happen which probably end up drawing him back to the dark side.”

So who else is involved in all of this?

MN: “It’s all tied in with Maria and Dr Ali and Adam Barlow, and with Sarah. I think that some characters from Gary’s past are going to come and bring him back to the dark side.”

We’ll reveal more on the Blog over the coming days and weeks - look out for spoilers!

But we know the Christmas period will see Gary and co at the centre of the all the drama. 

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1 comment:

SimoneJenifer said...

Thanks for this interview! I am really looking forward to the holiday episodes.
As for the Gary loan shark career change, it’s nice to see a Windass make something of themselves.


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