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Tuesday 10 December 2019

Kym Marsh interview: Leaving Coronation Street

Is Michelle saddened by how her relationship with Robert has ended? Did she really think he was the one?
Yes Michelle really did see her future with Robert but she probably gave him too many chances in the past to be honest, he had lied to her so many times and she had taken him back. She wanted her happy ever after  but there was no way she was going to forgive him this time. Having a baby with another woman after everything Michelle went through was really the last straw and unforgivable.

Does she think Robert is capable of murdering Vicky?
I don’t think anything Robert does now would surprise her. She knows how much he wants to be with her and he was more than happy to dump Vicky. He told Michelle on the wedding day that Vicky wouldn’t be causing them a problem anymore everything is pointing towards him having been involved in some way in Vicky’s disappearance. To be honest it suits Michelle to have people thinking he could be involved as she wants his discredited as much as possible.

Selling the bistro was part of Michelle’s plan to take revenge on Robert, is she frustrated at having to take a low offer from the mystery buyer?
By this stage with everything that has happened she just wants to get away from The Bistro and everything it reminds her of. A quick sale suits her.

How does she feel when the mystery buyer turns out to be Ray?
She can’t believe it and is absolutely furious but it is much too late for her to do anything about it as she has signed the papers. Ray has got his revenge but Michelle is not going to take it lying down. She goes berserk and smashes up the Bistro. It was so much fun filming that scene.

How does Michelle feel about leaving the street behind?
She has mixed feelings, so much has happened to her on that street, some good and some awful. She needs to take time away from those memories. She is sad to be leaving her sons and the Connors but she is also looking forward to staying with her parents. It’s not easy for her to say goodbye but after everything that happens over Christmas she is left with no option.

You’ve finished filming now, how was your last day?
It was very emotional. My emotions had been all over the place ever since I decided to go but it didn’t feel real then as the day got closer and I started packing up my things and then got my final script it did hit me. I was so pleased that the final scene I filmed was in The Rovers with the Connor family and my real family were there to watch. When the scene finished everyone started clapping and I started crying. I got lots of gorgeous flowers, cards and presents. This show has been such a huge part of my life and to know that I had spoken my last words as Mihcelle, for now at least, was such a strange feeling. After the scene I went for drinks with my on screen family and my real family and some other members of cast. I had already had my leaving party the week before which was amazing. 

What will you miss the most? 
The people! I have seen everyone here more than I have seen my own family. I have made friends for life and although I will miss working with them I know that I will be keeping in touch with all of them. Ali King and I are like sisters and I am going to miss seeing her face every day.

What was your most memorable storyline?
I have been very fortunate to have had some amazing storylines written for Michelle but the most memorable and the one that was so much more than just a storyline was the loss of Ruari. It was such an important story to tell and such a personal one for me.

What have you got coming up next? Are you looking forward to working with Polly on Elf?
We are in the middle of rehearsals now for Elf and it is full on, it is great to be able to work with Polly, I’m so proud of her. I am am splitting my time between Elf and working on a film with Joan Collins, Martin Kemp and Luke Goss, the film is a black comedy called The Loss Adjuster and I play a character called Angie. It’s great to be so busy, I feel very fortunate.


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