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Monday 9 December 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 6 December 2019

Good evening - a trip to Morocco for two weeks and huge catch up have meant plenty of laughs but no time for Comicals.  So let us hope for a good week this week.  We start off with a cracker when Aggie assures Roy that his long job list is safe in her hands - he is watching her put it on a wet surface from where he recovers it dripping with water and hands it back to her!

There was a lot of Emma and Seb which could have appeared here, had I liked Seb but I don't and I hope that she soon gives him the elbow.  Ryan is telling Ali that the length of the Best Man speech should be as long as it takes for the groom to make love.  As Ali immediately points out that does not go down so well when talking about one's mother as one of those involved!

Sean apparently wants Christmas decorations with a Norwegian theme - to Paul Norway means subtitles and murders!  Scandi-noir rules.

Emma you have now learnt a very important lesson of soaps.  The smallest lie can trip you up completely in a future of which you know nothing.  You thought saying that you liked Iron Maiden would never get raised again ever.  And now you are off on a "date" with Seb to see Brian Maiden.  I just hope that Brian Packham is not involved.  Lies are simply not wurf it!

Most of us would not know an Archdeacon from a deacon, but apparently Archdeacons are to be feared - all milk and honey until summat goes wrong, then it is all fire and brimstone - at least according to Billy who has to see his Archdeacon this morning.  As there is no fire and brimstone in the episode I assume that Billy got the milk and honey.

How to (almost) lose a girlfriend.  Ignore her prattling and keep staring at Sarah (who is being told by Nick) that naughty Derek Milligan (who is desperate for cash to buy his way back into his wife's good books) has offered to sell him the factory site - of course the deal is actually funded by Gary but his name is on nothing (obviously he has not yet heard of offshore shell companies to hide behind) and Derek has seen a way to get money.  I suspect on or about 25 December Gary might discover this little double cross and may not be particularly pleased that his investment has been sold from under him.  Maria is not keen on losing a boyfriend at the moment - when there are no customers in "Trim Up North" she is waving around a pregnancy testing kit, apparently unsure if she should be using it.  Cue the shortest ever break up on the Street when Gary turns up with a huge bunch of flowers!

See you next week.

Written by: Ian Kershaw & John Kerr (Monday); Ellen Taylor & David Isaac (Wednesday); Alasdair Morrison & Jayne Hollinson (Friday)
Directed by: Ian Barber (Monday); Duncan Foster (Wednesday & Friday)


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why does Corrie make it so hard for me. I like Gary and Maria together.
As for that purse. You would think she would have to dig around to find the test, but no. When she dropped it back in you could hear the echo. Empty bag. lol


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