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Saturday 7 December 2019

Coronation Street weekly update – December 7 2019

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This was the week when Michelle and Robert walked up the aisle in Michelle’s warped plan for a revenge wedding. She took Robert for all he’s got, namely the Bistro and a Coldplay CD.  As Billy was just about the name the couple husband and wife in the church, Michelle starting reading out some of the messages Robert had received from Vicky. This was a wonderful scene, truly comic in the best Corrie tradition and it had me in tears of laughter. Kym Marsh played a blinder. But hang on, just where is Vicky? Robert’s suspect number one in her disappearance and the cops are called.

Seb takes Emma on a date to see Iron Maiden tribute band Bryan Maiden. Good, but it’s no Proxy Music, which is the best tribute band name I’ve ever seen. And of course there’s Jam Session who seem to gig all over the country most nights.

Roy’s brother isn’t improving, he’s a dying man and oddly, Roy and his niece Nina bond over bats. This is a dull, dreary storyline. We’re all waiting for Richard to die, for Roy and Nina to bond, Nina to move in with Roy and for Carla to take her under her batwing sleeve. You know it’s got to happen, Corrie, just get a move on.

My heart breaks each time Paul comes on screen these days, wrapped in his abuse storyline that the actor plays so convincingly well. The cops search Kel’s laptop and his flat but don’t find anything they can use as evidence against Kel. Bernie takes it upon herself to visit Kel at work in the shopping mall he works in as a security office. She scrawls the word ‘paedo’ on the wall and is carted off to the cop shop where Kel makes a complaint against her. Bernie’s given a warning and determines to get revenge and show everyone the truth about Kel. She goes online and finds Kel’s website where he offers training for kids to be DJs and she pretends to be a young boy…

And finally this week, Rita’s got a friend who’s a lonely old woman. We know this because she mentions it twenty-six times in one night. This lonely old woman lives on Tile Street and has a cat that Rita is supposed to be feeding over Christmas, only she can’t as she’s been invited to Edinburgh to spend Christmas with Emily. Rita rings round all her friends and can’t find anyone who’ll feed the cat while she’s away. Then Emily cancels Rita’s planned trip as she’s got bronchitis and the lonely old woman on Tile Street isn’t the only lonely woman in Weatherfield. Rita realises that she is too. Now then, I’ve got issues with this. I could write an essay on why Rita would never be lonely at Christmas and I don’t buy this for one minute, not one.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were Ian Kershaw and John Kerr (Monday); Ellen Taylor and David Isaac (Wednesday), Alasdair Morrison and Jayne Hollinson (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

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Anonymous said...

I would love to read your essay if you were serious?

Newfy Pearl said...

I agree on the Rita comment. Did the writers just not have anything else for this wonderful actress to do? First of all how old is this old lady that even Rita in her senior years would refer to her as old! Two - where did this invitation from Emily come from all of a sudden! And why would Rita not enjoy time to spend with Gemma and the twins and Jenny as suggested! Oh my...the only part I liked about this situation was when Ryan stepped up and offered to feed the cat. I am not a Ryan fan but like the Grinch, this gesture made my heart grow for him. lol

SimoneJenifer said...

The Michelle /Robert story has been a lovely slow burn and has finally come to a raucous close. Michelle read out the chavvy texts and got her revenge. I was literally on the edge of my seat for the whole thing. What acting! What fabulous revenge! When she came down from her high to reveal that she was hurting as she'd lost the man she loved, I felt a pang of sorrow for her.

I bet Vicky is fine...but as I never read the spoilers, cannot be sure.

Unknown said...

I watch the show the entire week. I'm in the US and it did not air on Monday and Friday. How did I miss the episodes of Robert and Michelle's wedding? I am confused.

Newfy Pearl said...

UNKNOWN Do you watch it on tv or online? I only have option to view online, and I found that Friday usually takes longer for someone to upload. I would say where I view it but I am afraid someone will find it and stop it! lol


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