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Sunday 15 December 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 13 December 2019

You settle down to watch 30 minutes of your second favourite fly-on-the-wall-docudrama and find you are still there an hour later - this week we appear to have moved to hourly episodes!  The difficulties of a new relationship are being negotiated by Gary and Maria.  Suddenly there is a whole new family tree to learn.  Who is Peanut with the new coat?  Beth and Kirk's dog - reminder Kirk and Maria are siblings, although it is not mentioned often and remember Beth & Kirk are not married because of the last time a bigamy story walked the Street.  And new partners need to know if one or other drinks the milk out of the carton - Gary denies he does this but we know that he drinks orange juice from the carton!

Now I am seriously worried that there is something wrong with the universe.  Firstly Norris does not want a gin and gossip session - merely a swift half and Rita is not invited.  Emily has something wrong with her chest and secondly we have an entire Norris scene without any evidence of humour at all.  And why the hint that that Norris and Freda are moving away from Edinburgh and Emily?  There is something wrong (and it is not just Rita being lonely - there is more to it than that).  Explanations below please in the comments.

Wednesday was notable for a couple of appearances.  First up was the return of Big Garth (Victor Maguire) promoting a "Winter Wonderland" - nice little cameo appearance and apparently Santa is watering the reindeer at Tebay services which are in my opinion the best services in the UK.  Hopefully there will be a another little appearance from Big Garth.

A real highlight however was the appearance of "Trolley Dolly" Charlie Wood (Sian Reeves), above, who has arrived as Timbo's first wife in a bigamy storyline with a wedding consecrated in Las Vegas and consumated at length apparently the same night.  Love this actress - most recently in Mount Pleasant and I have a feeling there is rather more to this story.  I feel she could be an interesting permanent addition to the residents on the Street - and her leg pulling of Timbo, asking for £10k for the divorce was absolutely classic.  I demand TPTB give her a long term contract please.

Elves provide some entertainment this week working for Big Garth in Winter Wonderland (soon renamed Winter P***-up and Getting High Land).  They do of course have names: Good Elf, National Elf, Elf and Safety and Elvish Presley.  Elf and Safety is in charge!

Poor Sally has not the faintest idea that she and Tim are not quite married thanks to his previous entanglement with Charlie and as everyone keeps telling Timbo she will probably not kill him when she finds out.  Tim is desperately trying to find a solution to the problems and decides to lighten the atmosphere by asking Sally to marry him - which gets him the death stare above.  Anyway she says yes and Tim's plan is a vow renewal but in reality it will be a wedding with new photos and a new marriage certificate.  Given that half the Street already know his predicament I cannot see the secret being kept for long.

I will have more not to say about Geoff and Yasmeen when I review Friday but generally this has been a pretty good week all round.

Written by: Simon Crowther (Monday); Chris Fewtrell (Wednesday); Susan Oudot (Friday)
Directed by: Sean Healy (Monday & Wednesday); Tim O'Mara (Friday)


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maggie muggins said...

Oooh, good Corrie Comicals, Kosmo! Always needed these days and you have a finely honed funny bone!

I do love Sian Reeves and hope she's arrived to stay for a good long while. Her "Bianca" on Mount Pleasant was so endearing. Heart of gold! Besides, we would do well to have a few females in the Street who are very unlikely to turn evil, which would be wasted on someone like her with such sweet comic timing.

I too will end with nothing to say about Geoff and Yasmeen!

C in Canada said...

Two things I really dislike about the street at present:

- Geoff. Nuff said.
- Having a storyline where Rita is alone at Christmas is just sacrilege.


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