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Sunday 8 December 2019

Tina O'Brien interview: Will Sarah be the new Mrs Barlow?

Is there a part of Sarah that is jealous of Maria?
It can come across that she’s jealous, and at first I thought ooh Sarah get over yourself, but I think it’s more the fact that she feels she was quite hard done by Gary and all the things that he wasn’t able to give her he’s now giving to Maria. He claims to have learnt from his mistakes and is trying to do it better this time with Maria so I think maybe there’s a bit of resentment there. I know for a fact she’s not jealous of Maria, if anything she feels bad for Maria because she knows what he’s like. She’s had the chat, the ‘oh I can change’, and she knows deep down he can’t do that, so she thinks with Maria it could potentially come back to bite her.   

Is Sarah happy with Adam?
Yes, Sarah and Adam are really happy, she’s quite smitten and I think she’s really enjoying finally knowing where she is, with Gary she never really had that.

What’s going through Sarah and Nick’s head when Gary increases their rent out of spite?
I don’t think it’s actually a surprise, she feels that he’s still out to get her and it’s personal. She just doesn’t get why he’s still behaving like this. 

How does it feel to be at the centre of this big Christmas Day episode?
It’s lovely, it’s been really great to film, when you’re involved in an episode like that it’s such a massive team effort and you really feel it. Mikey especially did some really fab scenes so I’m looking forward to watching them.

Who will you be watching with?
I’ll be watching with my husband Adam and my children, possibly my mum, dad and my grandma. I hate watching myself, I’m really bad, to the point where Scarlett and Adam don’t want to watch it with me because they say all I do is shout things at the TV.

Does Sarah fear for Bethany and Harry’s lives?
Absolutely yes, all she can think about is trying to keep Harry and Bethany safe, she’s just being a protective mum basically. What they go through is terrible, Derek has clearly lost the plot and it’s very scary. I didn’t really enjoy playing the feeling of that kind of fear because it makes you think about how would this be if it was for real and it wasn’t very pleasant. 

In the heat of the moment Adam proposes, what does Sarah make of the proposal?
Because the feelings and emotions are so heightened at the time anyway, and all she can think about is getting them all out alive, she doesn’t really take it in properly. She just wants to make sure everyone is safe.

Sarah’s been married once before to Jason, is that the only time you’ve ever played a bride?Well the first time Jason jumped out of the window and did a runner, the second time it was a white church wedding but David ruined it be making out he was going to kill himself by driving into the canal like Richard Hillman did so all the attention was on him. I don’t think I’ve been a bride in anything else, I just seem to have been a mum in absolutely everything. 

Would Sarah like a big wedding?
I don’t know if she’s that bothered, a wedding isn’t really her focus, she’s got a lot going on with the kids and her career 

What would you buy Sarah for Christmas?
A good haircut, because I need one haha, then I’d send her on a nice holiday, give her a break and some sun.


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