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Tuesday 10 December 2019

New Year’s Coronation Street spoiler: Tracy cheats on Steve

The previews are in from ITV for New Year’s week on Coronation Street. And as it’s near to Christmas, we’re allowed to offer the previews early. And so, without any further ado, here we go with our spoilers for week of Monday 30th December to Friday 3rd January – and Tracy cheats on Steve – but who with?

When Tracy reveals that Amy is looking for some work experience in the solicitors’ office, Paula offers her a placement with her.  Tracy thanks Paula for going to so much trouble, helping Amy with her work experience.  After an argument with Steve, Tracy drowns her sorrows in the Rovers and wakes up naked and hungover the morning after the night before. She realises she has cheated on Steve!

Amy realises with horror who her mum has spent that night with and announces she’s moving out to live with Emma. 


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Newfy Pearl said...

Oh my goodness! Why!!!!!

Pauline burke said...

Sick of corrie's turning most of the women into lesbians. So unrealistic

Dee said...

Just ridiculous. I’m going to stop watching again. Storylines have no continuity anymore just shock value. Tracy and Steve were the Jack and Vera of the street....and Vera would’ve never hopped into bed with Ivy!!!

Just ridiculous.

C in Canada said...

Oh yikes. Since they mention a placement with Paula, it might be 'legal' oriented....since it won't be Adam, maybe Imran?
Boy that would boil Toyah's blood!

Anonymous said...

It's supposed to be Paula????

Anonymous said...

She is running out of men on the street. And Adam is not a blood relative. Face it, Tracy has been with almost everyone no matter their age. Fake with Roy to say he is Amy's dad, David and his brother, Dev, Ryan and whoever else you can think of. Too bad that is all they can think of for her to do now. If she was interested in women don't you think we would have known by now, after all she is getting long in the tooth. She has never been one to hide how she feels so I don't believe she would keep it a secret. Just preposterous.

Anonymous said...

Tracy enjoys men too much.. And she has been in love with Steve since she is a teenager. She would not cheat on him. I love the dynamic of this little family, even Tracy and Liz are getting along despite the Tony thing...Tracy has been supportive of the Emma situation...she was showing such good qualities in her dealing with Amy, and Sinead, and so much more. Why of why show us scenes where she and Steve are like a settled couple who should have been together for decades, then throw such an unbelievable wrench into the works. I truly think the writers do not want Tracy to be liked and they will sabotage her at every opportunity.

Roni said...

They better not break Tracy and Steve up. They are great together. I'm quite upset that this is going to be a storyline. Paula's bi, not Tracy, why not have her sleep with a man and not Tracy. I like seeing Tracy onscreen but this storyline is going to be fast forward.


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