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Sunday 15 December 2019

Coronation Street's Home Sweet Home

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I don't know about you, but I'm getting a bit confused about where some of the Corrie residents are living.

Let's kick off with Adam Barlow.

He used to live with Daniel and Sinead - then he moved into the Rovers. He hasn't moved back in with Daniel (even though Daniel needs the emotional support) and we didn't see him move into Ken's. So is he still at the Rovers?

Secondly, where is Alya living?

We saw nasty Geoff boot her out of Yasmeen's. But where did she end up staying? I'm puzzled.

Craig, being a fully fledged copper, must be able to afford the full rent on his place, as there's at least 1 spare room in his flat, with the sad demise of Rana and Kate going away on her travels.

So why doesn't one of the squashed up folk take the room at Craig's? Sean for instance, who is still sleeping on Billy's sofa.

They are several over- crowded groups gracing the cobbles:

Case number 1: Maria, Liam, Bethany and Emma.

Case number 2: Tyrone, Fiz, Ruby, Hope, Evelyn, her dog and recent newcomer Jade.

Case number 3: David, Shona, Max, Lily, Gail and Sarah.

Case number 4: Gemma, Chesney, Joseph, Bernie and the quads with the welsh names.

Er... where does Sarah sleep? It didn't seem that long since she and Gary were having to make do with kipping on air beds on the living room floor!

And I still don't understand why fifty- something Peter Barlow lives with his dad, along with his teen son, Simon.

I thought Claudia was going to move into Ken's and make some badly needed decor changes?

Then there's Peter's on / off partner, Carla. She lives with Roy in an absolute tip of a home, crammed with all sorts of junk. (I guess stroppy Nina is to join them soon).

Carla sold the factory, and Peter sold his boat, so the couple must be able to afford a Victoria Court 2 bed flat... speaking of which – I assume Beth and Kirk still live in Aiden's flat there?

Oh and where's Robert staying, now Michelle's turfed him out? I thought this was his flat - so why didn't he turf her (and her sons) out?

I'm sure glamorous gran Liz would prefer her own pad, instead of being crammed in with Steve, Tracy and Amy.

Do Cathy and Brian live on the street? If so, where?

I'd like see the inside of Brian and Cathy's place. Cathy had a house, stuffed full of her hoard, but what happened to it? Did she sell the house or rent it out?

If anyone can provide answers to these questions, as a Corrie fan, I'd really appreciate it.

Now love, I have to go – I'm packing up. I'm planning to lodge (for free) with Rita for 6 months, then I'll lodge (again, for free) with Eileen for a bit.

Then I'll have to stump up for a brief stay at the Rovers. After that, I'll probably return to freeload with Rita.

See ya!


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Scott Willison said...

I'm also obsessed by who lives where and you're right, it makes no sense at all. Half these people should be living in their own homes - Ali is a doctor, for goodness' sake! So, off the top of my head:

Rovers: Jenny and Johnny, with current B&B guest Adam
1: Ken, Claudia, Peter, Simon
3: Aggie, Ed, Michael, James
5: Chesney, Gemma, Joseph, Bernie and the Quads (!)
7: Dev, Asha, Adi
9: Tyrone, Fiz, Ruby, Hope, Evelyn
11: Eileen, Seb, Mary
13: Kevin, Jack (Sophie when she comes back)
Shop flat: Daniel and Bertie

Across the road -

4: Sally, Tim, Abi, Faye
6: Yasmeen and Geoff
8: David, Shona, Gail, Max, Lily, Sarah-Lou and Harry (as you say Sarah was on an airbed at one point...)

In the flats, Rita lives in one of the ones over the Kabin, while Cathy and Brian live in the other one. The hairdresser flat has got Maria, Liam, Bethany and Emma in it (presumably poor Em is going to be left paying the rent on her own) while the StreetCars flat has Steve, Tracy, Amy and Liz. Apparently all these flats are three bedroom?

Above the kebab shop are Beth and Kirk and Peanut; above the cafe is Roy and Carla; above the florist is Billy, Paul, Summer and Sean on the sofa. Victoria Court has Leanne, Nicky and Oliver in one flat, with Michelle, Robert (who has the lease so should be living there), Ali and Ryan. Gary is thinking of moving in there but he currently lives somewhere else off the show, while Izzy lives in an adapted bungalow with Jake. The flat over the barber's that Claudia was going to buy was instead bought or rented by Paula.

I think that's everyone, though as I say, it's off the top of my head. There are certainly some weird mixes of characters in some places, and too many people in some houses and people who could definitely afford to live on their own but don't. Part of the problem is that all the houses used to be three bed, with an outdoor loo, but they all sacrificed one bedroom to move a bathroom inside - but over the years they've quietly become three bedroom again. The block where Paula lives could presumably accomodate a couple more people, while the old gym has been undergoing building work for some time - another block of flats perhaps?

Scott Willison said...

That was all very nerdy wasn't it? Sorry.

Scott Willison said...

Oh and the builder's flat has Craig, Imran & Toyah, and Alya on the sofa. All four of these people are well-paid professionals who could live on their own but apparently they like queuing for the toilet.

Louby said...

Brilliant post and great comments which I think I will keep for future reference. Houses and flats with "elastic walls" have been a common theme for comments on the blog for ages.

Another thing that bugs me when people live on sofas or air beds is where do they keep their stuff? Take Sarah, always with a nice outfit and perfect make up. Same applies when someone leaves the street with just a suitcase. I'd need a lorry and a month to pack!

coconno196 said...

Excellent posts with questions I often ask myself. Surely Maria's flat has only 2 bedrooms for her and Liam, so are Bethany and Emma sharing the sofa?? And the mystery of where the sofa-surfers keep their stuff will never be solved!

MichaelAdamsUk said...

Scott’s answer above is spot on.

But Gary is currently shacked up with Izzy and Jake at 28 Grayling Street.

Annie said...

Why is flat 14A above the Community Centre vacant? I can remember various people living here over the years, Janice, Leanne, Julie, the Tinkers. Perhaps it is used for storage for the Centre? Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Izzy kicked Gary out in the summer because she didn't trust him any more. He got a flat somewhere else.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

Thanks for clearing this up Scott!
We still haven't resolved the mystery of Cathy's house, and no -one seems to visit the allotments now either, which is how Cathy came into the show. Oh sorry I forgot about poor Harry! Then we never see him, or Oliver do we?

Fluttershy said...

When they extended Victoria Street recently they missed a real opportunity to stick another row of terraces in to explain where all these characters live.

Oh, I thought Imran and Toyah were still living with Nick and Leanne?

Anonymous said...

Could we also try to find the disappearing cars, please? For instance where is Bethany's brand new car - only seen once when borrowed by Gary for a spot of body digging in the woods (and for good measure, just how could she afford it)? Chesney's car which appears and disappears as if by magic. Eileen's prize car. The street always seems quite devoid of parked cars!

coconno196 said...

Has Chesney acquired a minibus to collect the quads from hospital, or was that a taxi?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Scott, I don't think it was nerdy. If you are very interested in a subject don't feel you have to apologize. I also have wondered many times what happened to Cathy's house and all her stuff. Just one more miraculous recovery.

C in Canada said...

I don't think that was nerdy at all! Questions I have also asked myself!
Not sure why Imran and Toyah, on Imran's lawyer salary, cannot afford their own place in Victoria Court?


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