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Friday 20 December 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 20 December

Evening Corrie fans it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

In tonight’s big story Michelle and Vicky’s brilliant plan to frame Robert for murder is ruined as Vicky rather inconveniently goes into labour in the crummy hotel she’s holed up in. She refuses to go to a hospital, so it’s left to Michelle to deliver the baby. Before tonight’s show I could have sworn that Michelle had no discernible talents other than folding her arms and being stroppy, but clearly she is the country’s top midwife as she manged to deliver a washed, cord-free, three-month-old baby in about five minutes flat. I take back everything I said about her, the sheer skill of that woman.

Talking of stroppy, Roy’s goes to make peace with new goth niece Nina. Deep in a System of a Down hole, Nina refuses to open the door despite Roy paying her overdue rent, bringing falafel and telling her he promised her dad he would take care of her. Desperate to get through to her he brings reinforcements in the shape of Carla. It’s a good choice, they’re both women with a shared love of a strong eyebrow and wearing black all year round. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we find out that Carla had a secret goth past and that she spent the 80’s listening to Bauhaus records and calling herself Carlvira Wolfsbane-D’Oom. After Roy opens up to Nina about his lonely childhood she seems to soften and speaks to him through the letterbox. I’m enjoying the Nina, Carla and Roy trio. I hope they don’t give her a ‘normal’ makeover in six months’ time and turn her into Rosie Webster mark 2.

Back on the Street Dopey Derek is still trying to sell the factory he doesn’t own to Sarah and Nick. He tells them it’s theirs if they can get him a fast £10k, so he can take his estranged wife and kids to Florida. Nick and Sarah ask the Underworld comrades if they can collectively raise the money and despite explicitly being told to not tell anyone, leaky vessel Izzy goes straight to Gary for a loan. Unsurprisingly Gary doesn’t take the news terribly well. Telling Derek threateningly that he knows where his family live, he forces him to sign over the factory to him for a pound. Is this the last we’ll see of Derek? Oh no it isn’t…etc, etc. 

In other news Jenny tries to do a Christmas good deed and take Rita out for the day, but Reet gets the hump saying she feels like a tick on Jenny’s to-do-list. Also, Tyrone and Fizz try to punish demon child Hope for ruining the school nativity, but totally fail to notice the MASSIVE BRGHT PINK burner phone which she has sticking out of her back pocket. As soon as they leave the room, she immediately calls Jade who tells her to continue with the plan.

And so back to the other plan. Vicky has given birth to a baby boy and Michelle persuades her to stop being dead and go to hospital. It’s not long before the police come calling and the news of her return to the living reaches Robert. Released from his prison cell, he immediately goes looking for his child but he’s too late as Vicky has checked herself out of hospital. Turning up at the Street he confronts Michelle who initially denies everything and then folds like pack of cards telling him that she, Vicky and Tyler were all in on the plot to frame him for murder. Looking punch-ably smug Robert reveals that he’s recorded everything on his phone. Michelle immediately bursts into tears telling him she’s sorry and just wanted to punish him because he broke her heart (who knew she had one?).  He agrees not to go to the police with the tape recording, but only if Michelle will tell him where Vicky and his son are. She refuses saying she made a promise to Vicky, but will the threat of the police change her mind?

I mean I gotta say based on Michelle’s last 13 years of being utterly self-serving and narcissistic I’d say yup she’d save her own skin faster than you can say Queen of the Universe, but I’m sure the writers would prefer Michelle to leave the show as a good and noble person so she’ll probably do the right thing.  But maybe I'm being a bit harsh. What do you think Corrie fans - let me know in the comments?

And that’s it for this week. See you in a fortnight or catch me on twitter @mskelstar.

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Anonymous said...

She won't get in trouble because Robert is going to get killed and she'll then find and dispose of the phone.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Michelle isn't one of my favourite characters on the show but I don't understand all this hate directed at her. She is a bit self-righteous, sanctimonious in fact, but not self-serving and narcissistic. Those words describe much better Carla, Leanne, Tracy, and Steve, to name a few. With the exception of her insurance scam Michelle has always been one of the more ethical, honourable residents of the street. Didn't cheat on any one. Stood by Steve when he went through his major depression and lost most of their assets. Stood by Robert through all his various crises. Helped out Carla through all her dubious ventures and crises. This is not to say she is a great character--I find the actress a bit wooden and the character Michelle a bit too perfect as opposed to too imperfect. But claims that she is self-serving and narcissistic, particularly when compared to other inhabitants of the Street, are demonstrably false and (in my opinion!) unfair.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous,[15;11]I think framing someone for 'murder' after taking his restaurant from him proves that Michelle is self centered and narcissistic!
While Steve was suffering his depression,Michelle was spending time with her childhood sweetheart Will and she took the Rovers from Steve due to his one night stand with Leanne because he believed their marriage was over.
Michelle is also a hyporcrite following Eva's example for revenge and I bet she'll manipulate Vicky to give over Robert's son [as part of her revenge] as Toyah did with Eva's and Aidan child.

James said...

Anon 16:33

1. This was after Robert cheated on her, got another woman pregnant and then lied to her repeatedly.

2. This was after she had lost her baby, and discovered that Steve had knocked another woman up and then lied about it.

I think Anon 15:11 has a point, I wouldn't call her perfect by any means and she certainly doesn't deserve the vitriol she gets from the likes of Scott and Kelly. In particular when their characters who have done worse.

James said...

Sorry I meant to say when other characters have done worse.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie--Obviously, Michelle has a keen sense of her own importance. But there are just so many people on the street who are truly self-serving and narcissistic that I wonder why Michelle gets all the flack. Steve Macdonald, for example, is just about the most self-engrossed, narcissistic character to ever gurn his way down the street, and yet he consistently gets a free pass. It's characteristic of the irrational "Michelle hatred" that people will froth at the mouth over her one brief kiss with Will--an understandable weakness after months of struggling with Steve's depression and spending--and yet casually shrug off Steve cheating on Michelle with both Becky and Leanne as though it were nothing! Incredible.

Tayloranne said...

I’m a bit tired of Michelle but I think what she did to Robert was fair in taking the Bistro from him. He deserved it. If he had been upfront instead of sneaking around behind her back, I think she would have been understanding after giving it time fit the dust to settle. I don’t think she’s narcissistic. I think she’s protecting herself. The story line with her and Vicky was a bit of a tiny bit of a shock but not surprising. I knew Vicky was alive. Although if they started digging up the woods, they may well have found a body that wasn’t Vickys. All in all I do feel a bit sorry for Robert. A very little bit.


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