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Dolly-Rose Campbell interview: Gemma pregnant with quads

How has Gemma been coping since finding out she was pregnant?

She has got used to the idea of being a mum but she has been feeling very very sick and very tired. She hadn’t expected it to be this difficult physically at this stage so that is a bt of a shock to her.

How are she and Chesney doing as friends - was this the right decision?

This was totally the right decision for them, they weren’t making each other happy as a couple but they are great friends. They both want to be good parents and they believe the best way to do that is as friends not partners.

She becomes very ill this week - what happens?

The sickness has become quite debilitating and she collapses. She says she feels fine but Chesney insists they go to the hospital and get some tests done to make sure.

What happens at the hospital?

She has some blood tests and everything is fine but they decide to give her a scan just to make sure the baby is ok. That’s when the sonographer breaks the news that there are four babies and that explains why she has been so poorly.

How do Gemma and Chesney feel?

They are in complete shock, Gemma can’t believe what she is being told, she knew there might be a chance of twins with her being a twin but who ever imagines they are going to have four babies at once. I think it would be impossible to take in.

Are they shocked by their meeting with the consultant?

They are just getting their head around the news and then the consultant starts talking to them about the possible complications and tells them about the option of selective termination, it is explained to them that it is a high risk pregnancy and that one option open to them is to reduce the number of babies.

How do they feel about that?

It really gives them something to think about and Gemma is very scared but she decides in the end that she can’t get rid of any of the babies, she can’t imagine making that decision even though she knows it makes her pregnancy potentially more risky.

Is she aware of the enormity of this situation?

I think she is just a bit carried away with it all she really wants to believe that everything will be ok.

How does she feel when Rita says she won’t be able to live at her flat with the four babies?

She is really disappointed, in her own little dream word she thought she and Paul would live at Rita’s and all help with the babies but obviously that is impossible. Chesney suggests that she move back into number five which is logical but she is just worried about how unhappy Chesney was last time she lived there so she isn’t sure that is the answer.

Do you think the story is going to have lots of comedy potential?

I do think it is going to be funny seeing Gemma go through this pregnancy but at the same time there are some very serious issues to be explored with a multiple pregnancy so \i am looking forward to all the different elements of the storyline.

Are you looking forward to the arrival of Gemma’s mum?

You can read more on Gemma's mum here

I have literally just started filming those scenes and I think it is great that we finally get to meet Gemma’s mum, we have heard so much about her and not much of it is good, I think we will get a real insight into what made Gemma the person she is today. And for Gemma to have her mum there when she is pregnant is perfect. Paul is suspicious of Bernie’s motives for turning up but Gemma wants to give her a chance.

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bluegardenia said...

how ridiculous can you get with these story lines? Gemma with four kids? She can't take care of herself never mind kids!! Please Corrie writers give us something believable for a change. Lately Coronation St. is filled with absurdity and nonsense.

Rapunzel said...

Does anyone know anyone who has had quads or is a quad? Because I certainly don't.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I see a 'baby products sponsorship' storyline and maybe a TV documentary.

Smiley said...

I did know someone who had quads.

coconno196 said...

They are very rare unless a result of IVF. Not to mention expensive. Humpty: Gemma's elusive mother will probably suggest sponsorship / advertising. I see no comedy here, as the health risks to mother and babies are real.

popcorn said...

There is something funny about being pregnant with quads????

Anonymous said...

Awful idea for an awaful character.

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