Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Rob Mallard interview: Sinead's baby in danger

What's going through Daniel's mind when Sinead and Daniel are told the news that Sinead must deliver the baby today?  
Daniel thinks it is far too soon. So much has just been revealed, for example Sinead not attending chemo, that this is too much new information to take. He's afraid that the baby may be too small to survive.

How ready is Daniel to become a father?
Daniel is not ready really. He can read as much as he likes but the reality is almost always different.

When Sinead passes out, does Daniel believe that he really could lose everything?  
Yes. In that moment, Daniel see's himself having to go on without Sinead and the prospect is terrifying. He couldn't look after himself without Sinead, let alone a baby too. 

Could Daniel becoming a father heal his and Ken's old wounds? 
Maybe further down the line. I think Daniel will wake up to some of the resentment he has towards Ken once he see's similar things play out naturally in his relationship with Bertie.

You've had some great, emotional scenes with William Roache in the past, what were these latest scenes about fatherhood like to film?
They were quite tricky because Daniel always pulls away from Ken just at the moment he should really lean in for help. It's always a pleasure to be on a set with William though.

What do you think about Daniel and Sinead naming their son after Uncle Albert, a nod to Corrie's history? 
I'd expect nothing different. A show like Corrie has so much of its own past to drawn on, it would be mad not to.

How does Daniel feel when the doctor breaks the news about Bertie's bowel condition? 
It's a confirmation of his fears that Bertie might not be developed enough to survive. Daniel is faced with the prospect of losing his family within the space of a short time.

Why does he decide to keep it from Sinead?
Knowing that there's nothing she can do and that she needs to focus on getting better herself,  Daniel sees it as logical to hide this from her. It doesn't occur to him that he has lied to her, like she was lying to him.

When does he plan on telling her? Does he plan on telling her at all?  
I think he would have kept putting it off if it weren't for a bit of tough love from Tracy.

How would Daniel feel if someone else told Sinead about Bertie's bowel condition before he had chance to? 
Moments like that are a loss of control, so Daniel would be quite angry with whoever did it.

What were the scenes like to film when Daniel brings in baby Bertie for Sinead to meet for the first time? 
They were tricky in a technical sense, because of the incubator, and emotionally it was a long day... we were both ready to sleep for a week by the end!

Daniel has had such a turbulent upbringing, what sort of father do you think he will be? 
Daniel will be forever second guessing his methods. He thinks everything he does matters and will need Sinead to reassure him, and vice versa.

What does becoming a father and having a family 'unit' mean to Daniel? 
They are both things he never had, so this is like a second start for Daniel. He will be worried about not following in Ken's footsteps and would prefer a quiet, cosy life.

You and Katie have such a great partnership on screen, what's the best thing about working with her?
You develop a shorthand with someone when you've been working with them as intensely as this, which is great as it means we don't need to over explain where we think our characters are coming from. Plus a great sense of humour!

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