Saturday, 5 January 2019

Brooke Vincent interview: Can Sophie save Sally?

Sally is really struggling in prison, especially with Abi due to be released, fearing for her mum’s safety how desperate is Sophie to help Sally be freed?
Sophie’s desperate to get her mum out of prison, she can see how vulnerable she is, let’s face it Sally’s really not cut out for prison life and Sophie knows they need to come up with some concrete evidence against Duncan fast.

What lengths will the family go to?
They’re all exhausting any avenue they can think of, Gina is desperate to put things right with Sally and I think she’s the one who’s really pulling out all the stops in a bid to show Duncan’s true colours. Sophie is a bit worried about how far Gina and Tim are prepared to go but as time goes on she gets swept up in their plans.

When Gina discovers fresh evidence about Duncan is this the breakthrough that they’ve been looking for?
Sophie can’t believe it, it’s more than they dare hope for, it looks like this is the evidence they need and Sophie and Tim are really hopeful that it’s enough to get Sally out.

So how do they feel when the police reveal it’s not enough for Sally to be freed?
Sophie’s gutted when the police say they’ve come up against a brick wall in finding the evidence Tim and Gina reported. They can’t believe that what they’ve discovered still isn’t enough.

Then they get the further blow that Sally’s been beaten up, how does this make Sophie feel?
Sophie’s really worried, she tells her mum to be brave but inside her heart is breaking. Sally’s scared and she pleads with Tim to get her out. Sophie’s devastated knowing the reality of what the police said but it makes Tim more determined to come up with a plan.

Sophie and Tim lure Duncan's daughter Olivia to Speed Dahl, what is their plan?
They plan a fake photo shoot to get Olivia there (she’s the model who worked with Rosie) under false pretences, hoping they’ll then be able to to get information out of her which could be the key to incriminating Duncan.

When Duncan arrives, having been called by Olivia, is the game up?
Tim continues to throw accusations around about Duncan, he’s certain it isn’t over yet and that Duncan will crack. Sophie’s more disheartened by the whole thing, she’s just desperate for Duncan to come clean but she’s worried when Tim says that beating a confession out of Duncan might be his only option.

Tim later confronts Duncan and their altercation leads to Duncan being hit by a car. Will the finger of blame be pointed at Tim?
Sophie’s adamant that isn’t the way and he’ll only end up getting himself in trouble. But when Tim disappears she’s worried, the state he’s in she’s not sure what he’s capable of.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Wouldn't Sally's legal team have tried to confirm whether Duncan's wife has actually died; surely a solicitor has access to genuine information about deaths eg: probate etc? Sophie's bright; wouldn't she have contacted Rosie, who was Olivia's friend, long before this to dig up some background dirt on Duncan? I was hoping Gina's obsession with Tim would make up for the main plot but it didn't work for me.

Anonymous said...

Instead of Gina manipulating the situation[believing Duncan and not speaking up for Sally on the stand]so Sally would be found guilty thus allowing Gina to make her move on Tim,this should have been the story line from the moment Sally was found guilty of a crime she didn't commit.
As it is now,I think it's too little too late for Tim and Gina to find out the truth as in Gina's case it's more about her getting back in Sally's house rather than genuine remorse for her betrayal.

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