Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Ryan Clayton interview: Corrie's male rape storyline

What sort of person is Josh being careful to portray to the street?
We have seen that side of him that he is possibly not all that he seems but David and Josh are bonding and getting along with each other. Josh is being supportive to David and he is enjoying being the centre of attention about the boxing match.

Did we see a different side to him with what happened with Lee?
Yes, but what happened with Lee is something that really ties David and Josh together because it’s their secret; it’s between them and that is something that bonds them. So they have become closer and closer and Josh will use opportunities like that for his gain.

Tell us what happens when Josh is flirty with David. 
Josh overhears Shona say something to David like he can’t have Josh all to himself and Josh clocks this. It is those opportunist moments for people like Josh and he knows that he can use this opportunity and do something. 

What happens when they go to the bar the next day?
It stems from what Josh has heard the previous day. Josh takes David out for what, in his head, he thinks is a date and he gets a lot of personal stuff out of David and gets him in a vulnerable state. He makes sure David drinks far more than he does then he puts something in his drink to drug him.

Josh is an opportunist but has he had this plan in his head for a long time?
Josh is prepared because he has had to pick up the drugs. It is something that Josh has planned since overhearing what Shona said. It wasn’t ever a long term plan, in Josh’s head he just thinks, “I can pull tonight.” Josh thinks that they get on so in his head maybe David thinks the same.

Does Josh think that what he is doing is rape? 
No, the reality is, for a lot of male rapists, it’s just about exerting power without feelings, and they enjoy that.

Has Josh does this before or is it a one off?
It is very calculated, we don’t know his history but his plan is very well thought out, so maybe he has done it before. It’s also about where he goes from here, what his agenda is and how he is going to play his mind games. This is just the start of where we see a completely different and perhaps real side of Josh. 

What were those scenes like to film?
It is all implied rather than seen. It was very difficult stuff but we recorded it more or less all as one which helped. 

How do you put that to one side at the end of the day?
I had to because I had to do another scene so that really worked for me. But at the end of the day, I think about if I have done a good job then I can be happy and that’s what takes me out of it. 

What research did you do for the role?
I spoke to spoke Survivors Manchester about the traits rapists show in the aftermath, and the manipulation they often display. The writers also worked very closely with them to make it as realistic as possible.

Why is it important for Coronation Street to cover the issue of male rape?
Male rape is unrepresented in the media. There was a recent BBC documentary about it and in the first few minutes one victim said the public just don’t see it or hear about it and I thought it seemed an important story that needs telling.

Did you know about the role before you joined?
Yes I knew about the role just not who I would be working with. It is quite daunting to come and play a storyline like this with a long standing character but Jack P Shepherd has made me feel at complete ease.

What’s it like working with Jack?
Great! It is good that we have got on so well from the off set, there has to be a lot of trust there from both of us.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Josh was sprung on us out of nowhere. He wanders up to the garage in pursuit of a job, gets it and is immediately welcomed by the residents. Not only that, he's the one who comes up with the idea of the charity boxing match and arranges all the training. Now we have the male rape storyline a few weeks after his arrival. Couldn't we have had some more time to warm to the character before he showed his darker side? This is an example of how the issue becomes more important than the drama. There should have been at least one person on the street who tries to warn David off getting too close. These days, Corrie dispenses with story development and provides explanatory interviews instead. Some Corrie issues don't have the best actors to carry the storyline but I'm sure Jack P S will do a great job with this one.

Shells said...

Disagree - I don't know why anyone would warn David. Who would know that?
I don't like this story, only because I think the Platts have been through too much. Jack Shepherd will be amazing, but I'm simply exhausted with the Platt trauma. I have already warmed to Josh through his scenes with Gemma, Ty, David, Sarah, even awful Moo-ra. It's too bad that they will make him a villain. He could have been an interesting addition.

Anonymous said...

Although Tyrone did question Josh about his work history and why he only worked for short periods of time in one garage after another,I bet that detail will be forgotten even though it means Josh could be a serial rapist?
I am not looking forward to another Platt storyline being dragged out due to no one believing David was raped by Josh[especially Sarah].

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