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Corrie weekly update - Wedding woes and ambient jazz

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This was the week of Chesney and Sinead’s wedding but in true soap style, nothing went to plan and everything went to hell in a handcart. Chesney clocks the look that flies across the cobbles between Sinead and Daniel before the wedding. And he feels that Sinead isn’t the right person to be mum to Joseph. But he waits until the last moment when he has to say his vows and slip the ring on Sinead’s finger, before he blurts out: “I don’t.”  Sinead’s in tears but Daniel’s perked up by the news when he finds out from Carla what’s to do.

Gemma takes Henry to the wedding as her plus-one but he makes sarcastic comments all the way through. Gemma’s fed up with him and dumps him but he soon comes crawling back. In the Rovers later Gemma is at the bar and Henry’s phone buzzes with a call from his mate and from the conversation they have it’s clear that Henry is only dating Gemma for a bet. Oh dear.

Elsewhere this week, a vigil is held for Luke on the Street with some bizarre ambient jazz and a lot of candles. Most odd. Seb does a runner after figuring out that Phelan shot Luke. Meanwhile, Anna gets a prison visit from Eileen who’s started to put two and two together about her murdering husband too.
Kate leaves Weatherfield for Devon this week after she snogs Sophie on the Street and says she can’t deal with the aftermath of Luke’s death. Rana’s confused and upset to hear about Kate kissing Sophie and wonders why Kate has really gone away.

Sean moves in with Tyrone this week after he’s chucked out of Norris’ house by Angie and Jude for deleting all of their photos of baby George from their laptop.

Best scenes of the week for me were Toyah, Leanne and Eva in the Rovers all being fleeced for school dinner money from Simon. The three sisters in the pub is one of the highlights of Corrie for me, even if Toyah still has zero chemistry with Peter and no idea how to run a pub.

And finally this week, Bethany and Craig grow close and he thinks he’s onto a winner when he spies sexy lingerie in her shopping bag from town. But the lingerie is for Bethany’s new job as a lap dancer, only Craig doesn’t know that yet.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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