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Saturday 27 January 2018

Corrie weekly update – Angelo's and a courgette

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Sarah wants to get back with Gary but Bethany does her best to drive a wedge between them. “You’ve got the wrong end of the stick!” Gary tells Sarah when she tells him how much she feels betrayed by him making Nicola pregnant, to which Bethany replies: “She doesn’t care about you, or your stick!”.  Gary then finds out that Bethany’s working in the lap dancing club and breaks the news to Sarah, who takes her mum Gail and grandma Audrey to the club to find out what’s going on. This was a wonderful scene, again taking the sting out of Tassels and all the seediness that must go on within it. But would Bethany really be allowed to work there, as she’s not yet 18?

Bethany’s not best pleased, as you can imagine, to see her family in the lap dancing club. But as Audrey points out: “If you worked in a pet shop, you wouldn’t mind us coming down to look at the hamsters.”  Audrey further remembers Tassels when it used to be an Italian restaurant, back in the day, and it was where she ate her first courgette.

Hospital scene of the week alert: Gary in A & E after being beaten up by the bouncers in the lap dancing club. Yes, army-trained Gary who was out in Ukraine recently working as a body guard got beaten to bits by a couple of back street bouncers.

In court, Anna Windass is found guilty of actual bodily harm against Seb and sent down for five years.  Phelan’s daughter Nicola returns and she’s harbouring Seb in her flat, hiding him from Phelan. She tells Gary that she believes Seb’s story about Phelan killing Luke and she’s going to work on Phelan, pretending that she’s a loving daughter, until she uncovers the truth. Ooh, I like this a lot.

Now then, ever since Toyah Battersby returned to Coronation Street she’s been defined by one thing and one thing only – her desire to get pregnant.  It’s dull to the extreme. This week Toyah was given the news that the surrogate carrying the baby for her and Peter had a miscarriage. And she also found out that Eva is pregnant. This is one storyline I’m not enjoying, not one little bit. Whoever’s captured the real Toyah can we have her back, please? And while you’re on, let’s have Peter back too.

In the Rovers, Gemma throws Henry Newton a birthday party where everyone dresses up as the name of one of the Newton and Ridley pubs.  Rosie Webster comes dressed with a red stripe down her face, and no-one can work out what she is. “I’m the nation’s most popular pub name, The Red Line!” she cries. Oh dear.

Gina’s all giddy kipper after Weatherfield County football star Tommy Orpington gives her a shining endorsement by wearing one of Gina’s hats and posting a picture of himself on Instagram. Spurred on by this, she throws herself into the fashion business with gusto.

Summer returns this week with a convoluted story about why Todd Grimshaw isn’t coming back. I lost the will to live at this point, it was so clearly cobbled together a scene after Bruno Langley’s shock exit from the soap.  Anyway, it was something to do with police and Todd and police and Todd and police.

Newcomer Josh turned up at the garage to apply for the position as mechanic that Tyrone and Kev have to fill to replace Luke.  Josh is going to be crucial to the programme as he’ll turn out to be the rapist who attacks David Platt.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Louby said...

I imagine Tassels is not a particularly realistic portrayal of that sort of club, but the scene with Gail and co there was hilarious.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm sure Bethany would have been sacked the first time one of her entourage made a fuss in the club. Still, there would be no story if we stuck to reality. I do love Audrey and Gail together and it's a shame we don't get more of these surreal scenes. The 'Red Line' was funny but not even Rosie would be that dim to confuse it with the Red Lion. One thing I really enjoyed was Nicola returning without a panto smirk on her face when she turned to camera. It was a surprise to discover that she was hiding Seb. I hadn't seen any spoilers and that was a good twist.

Anonymous said...

What I couldn't understand in Friday's episodes was Billy - at first he was staying with Eileen perhaps in the front bedroom, but how was he supposed to get up and down the stairs for the bathroom? Then there was a scene with him & Summer in their 2nd story flat above the bookies, then there was a scene in the Rovers talking to Adam about the pain killers & not wanting Eileen to find out. So how did he manage to navigate the stairs to the flat and why did he leave Summer alone in the flat? I'm sure the scenes were cobbled together to explain Todd's leaving, but a little common sense & continuity should not have been so obviously lacking.

Louby said...

Anon, I thought that when I saw them in the flat. Way back when Anna moved in there, they made a reference to a lift being put in so Izzy could get in (like a landlord would actually do that for a tenant's visiting relative), so maybe we're supposed to think that he used that. On the other hand, they probably just don't care if it's realistic or not! And children, we often are left wondering who they're with when a parent appears in the pub!

Flo said...

After reading this, I don't feel quite so bad for only half watching this weeks episodes. It has to get better someday...

abbyk said...

Didn’t realize that Josh the new mechanic being revealed as David’s rapist was part of this week’s happenings. I love this blog and appreciate when spoilers are labeled in their titles so they can be easily avoided. It must be hard not to let stuff slip in from the ever expanding twitterverse but I really hate when it happens.

Anonymous said...

Re spoilers. Rather than saying in the title what the spoiler actually is (so that you can't possibly avoid it) couldn't it just say spoiler and a characters name?


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