Sunday, 14 January 2018

Corrie Weekly Awards Jan. 8 - 12

Man About Town award: Audrey had a crush on Luke. He dated Maria, Tracy and Alya along with numerous off screen women we never saw. He certainly got around!

Mexican Standoff award: Seb knows Phelan killed Luke. Phelan has a gun with Seb's fingerprints on it.

Cone of Silence award: Aidan arrives at the Nazir house. Seconds later, we can hear a crowd of press outside, did he not notice?

Friendship award: In times of crises, you really find out who your friends are. I thought Sean was lovely to Tyrone and the girls. I also thought Aidan asking Maria if she was ok was a nice touch. Nobody else remembered she was with Luke for quite awhile.

Fashionisto award: Imran's buffalo check coat.

Black Widow award: Maria is right, all her exes aside from Nick and Tyrone are dead! She and Gail are running neck and neck for the title.

Food for Thought award: Scattering Katie's ashes in the park is nice. Scattering them by a pond full of ducks might not be the best thing for the ducks.

Fashionista Fail: Mother and Grandmother of the Bride. You don't often see that level of trashy outfit outside the back of Picadilly Station! made me laugh.

Lines of the week:
Imran about the family meal "It's going to be like a car crash with napkins"
Phelan "Where's the bolt of lightning, Billy?" (Oh, yours is coming, mate!)
Sean "There's nowt worse than someone angry with you for something you already feel bad about"
Alya to Maria "You ditched him to go around with Aidan so please don't act like you were soul mates" (That's rather catty, isn't it? It's none of your business, he wasn't with you at the time)
Phelan "Eileen's decided it's 'Bring A Hoodie to Work Day'"
Tyrone "Beer and sausage for breakfast! It's going to be the best day ever!"
Kirk "I've known Chesney Brown longer than I've known meself"
Carla "I'm the worst agony aunt in the world" Daniel "That sounds like a badge of honour"
Carla to Daniel "Don't be a martyr. You'll regret it"

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Louby said...

I've just wasted 5 minutes considering which of Maria's exes are dead, and who's still alive. Did she have a thing with Tony? Maybe him, plus Liam, Charlie and Luke. However, Tyrone, Nick and Aiden are alive, and Marcus and possibly some footballer she had a relationship with for a while,not realising she was the bit on the side. Who have I forgotten?

Humpty Dumpty said...

I wish we'd seen more of why Phelan turned out the way he did. Was he beaten black and blue in the name of moral rectitude? Maybe he had one alcoholic parent and the other was a religious fanatic. Seems as though he's been ducking and diving with the good Lord most of his life, and winning. But much as Phelan wants to escape conventional punishment, he knows he's on the path to perdition. I reckon he'd welcome a swift end as it would restore the world to its natural order. Old habits die hard and, when it comes to it, he'll put his trust in the divine redeemer.

Anonymous said...

Holier than thou hyporcrite award-To Alya who a few weeks ago was mourning Gary who was presumed dead and whom she cheated on with Jason but has the gall to have a go at Maria for mourning Luke whose son Liam may be upset about his death as well?!

Anonymous said...

Luke also almost kissed Katie and kissed Carla

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