Friday, 26 January 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 26 Jan

Friday 26th January 2018
PHELAN’S STUNNED BY AN UNEXPECTED GUEST Nicola calls at the builder’s yard and telling Phelan how sorry she is for disbelieving him, begs his forgiveness.
BETHANY FEELS HUMILIATED BY HER FAMILY Learning that Bethany has a day off Gail and Audrey decide to check out the lap dancing club unaware that Bethany has been called in to cover for another girl. Boss Lulu is suspicious about the pair’s questions and when Bethany walks on stage and spots her mum and gran in the audience she is mortified. Have they lost her the job?
EVA MAKES A DECISION When Leanne arrives back from visiting Janice the sight of Oliver troubles Eva as she struggles to decide what to do about the baby.
ELSEWHERE Handsome newcomer Josh arrives at the garage to apply for the mechanic’s job. Struggling with the pain Billy ups his dose of painkillers. Meanwhile Adam phones Geraldine with the news that Summer’s back home with Billy. Tim and Gary are frustrated at not being able to track down Seb who has disappeared.

Friday 26th January
NICOLA HAS PHELAN IN HER SIGHTS Nicola apologises to Eileen for not standing up for her dad when he was innocent all along meanwhile Phelan is thrilled to have got the Site Manager job at the old mill project.
THE WIND IS SNATCHED FROM BENEATH SARAH’S WINGS Bethany is furious with Audrey and Gail for getting her sacked. Sarah makes a decision which shocks Gail and Audrey.
BILLY BUCKLES UNDER THE PRESSURE Billy tells Adam the painkillers aren’t working, Adam offers to get him stronger ones. Meanwhile Geraldine catches up with Summer, telling her how worried she’s been. Summer insists they only went on the run because of her and she’s staying with Billy.
ELSEWHERE Josh gets the job and suggests a charity boxing match in memory of Luke. Adam takes Eva out for dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me but couldn't Kevin and Tyrone wait until after Luke's funeral to hire his replacement?
It seems a little cold for them to hire someone now.
If Josh is the same character who apparently rapes David,I am not lokking forward to the Platts dominating episodes again,Bethany's lap dancing,Sarah and Gary[yawn] and now this!

Tvor said...

In a dog-eat-dog world, a small but very busy business which was only lately on its knees would probably not survive another drop in income if he had to turn away business due to lack of staff.

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