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Alliteration Street

Guest blog post from Coronation Street fan Rob Coates.
Rob his on twitter @abfabrobcoates 

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Corrie carefully consider their names. Names, quite rightly, are very important. From day one, we’ve been invited into the Rovers Return virtually every week. With that kind of attendance, the name needed to be memorable. And so it proved. Even those who don’t watch Corrie know about the Rovers Return. 

With such success, it would be foolish to use the alliteration idea just once. And, so, the creative forces behind Corrie have used this winning formula again and again through the years. Many, many times, as it turns out. 

In the sixties, Elsie Tanner helped the women of Weatherfield in their search for a new set of gladrags at Miami Modes.

Emily Nugent fell for Leonard Swindley whilst working at Gamma Garments. When Gamma closed, the shop became a florists called the Pink Posey. Not the only time a florists would get the alliteration treatment, as we will see. 

On his return to Weatherfield, Peter Barlow took over the running of the Bookmakers and named the business Barlow’s Bookies. This then became Barlow’s Buys when Tracey Barlow and Rob Donovan opened the unit as a pawn shop. Tracey then opened the shop as a florists, returning to her roots (see what I did there?) and naming the outlet Preston’s Petals. This was a ploy to win back her ex-husband, Robert Preston (it failed. The ploy, not the business).

After Steve McDonald paralysed his dad, Jim “So-He-Does” McDonald, by pushing him off some scaffolding on Victoria Street, the building had been renovated in time for Roy Cropper to move from the Jim’s Cafe premises on Rosamund Street to open Roy’s Rolls. 

When Alf Roberts took over the corner shop he named it the Mini Market. Then in the late 80s all the residents suddenly deserted the Mini Market and started buying their fish fingers from Betterbuys, run by manager Reg Holdsworth. Reg later moved on to manage Firman’s Freezers. 

Then of course there is the Red Rec, where Emily Bishop saved a tree. 

But the alliteration didn’t stop at businesses and places. The people of Weatherfield got in on the game, too. 

There are many examples, some more memorable than others:

Bill Blakey, Bob Bradshaw, Billy Brown, Bernard Butler, Casey Carswell, Connie Clayton, Caroline Clegg, Chris Collins, Carla Connor, Darren Dobbs, Eve Elliott, Frank Foster, Harry Hewitt, Jessie Jackson, Joanne Jackson, Johnny Johnson, Judd Johnson, Kelly Crabtree, Mickie Malone, Moira Maxwell, Megan Morgan, Mel Morton, Nick Neeson, Renee Roberts, Susan Schofield, Sue Silcock, Sylvia Snape, Sandra Stubbs and Winifred Willis! Phew! 

Though I will never quite forgive Corrie for not allowing Tracey Barlow to name the florists in memory of her late mother. Deirdre’s Daisies, anyone? 

Guest blog post from Coronation Street fan Rob Coates.
Rob his on twitter @abfabrobcoates 

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