Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Coronation Street spoiler: Phelan menaces Faye

The previews are in for next week’s Coronation Street and Phelan stoops to a new low when he starts to menace young Faye Windass.

It starts when Gary and Steph meet to discuss Phelan. Later, Phelan tells Steph that if she finds Andy can she put him in touch with him as they have unfinished business.

Meanwhile Phelan is suspicious of Nicola’s bid to stop him coming into her flat for a coffee. She manages to hide Seb in the bedroom so when Faye visits she pretends she has come for Nicola’s advice on a bully at school.

Desperate to get Phelan out of the flat Nicola pretends she is having problems with the baby and he rushes her to the hospital. Faye is shocked to find a prescription for Seb in Gary’s pocket and Phelan overhears her booking a cab to take her to Nicola’s flat.

Faye arrives at the flat and is stunned to hear Seb on the intercom. Phelan arrives behind her and jams the door with his foot - is the game up?

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Anonymous said...

'Phelan overhears her booking a cab to take her to Nicola's' - what are the chances of that happening? About the same chances as Luke venturing out into the backwoods to trap a lone killer without backup. How many of these contrivances are we to endure before he gets caught. I'm guessing this is purely ratings-driven as research or Twitter metrics will have convinced writers that the storyline is too lucrative to drop and must be continued at all costs

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that should have read 'venturing out into the backwoods alone to trap a killer without backup'.

Abercrombie said...

Nothing, sweet nothing, gets back the ears and eyes of Le Phelan. Even though he is constantly leaving home to a job, appointment, supplier, he still manages to be on the street to catch all the movements of the residents. What a clever piece of evil, he is. Not. Scripts written for the reasons outlined above seems the most plausible explanation for a load of unbelievable dirge loyal viewers are forced to ingest six times a week.
I know there are the views, and valid ones too, to switch off if not enjoying. I do think that is missing the point. Those in control are consistently chasing ratings and awards.One other irritant is the way some of the actors are chasing their own publicity as though we hang on their every word. Give us a break.

Abercrombie said...

I left out a continuation...."I do think that is missing the point, viewers do not want to switch off".... they want more realistic and humorous entertainment"

C in Canada said...

How does Phelan make any money?
He's always claiming to be on a job, yet instead is always sneaking around doing his evilness. Not sure how he brings home any bacon....another plot hole since Eileen would have cottoned onto this.

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