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Saturday 20 January 2018

Corrie weekly update – Tinker and Tassels

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Anna’s trial starts this week and first up in the stand is Pat Phelan who lies through his teeth. Second in the stand is Seb, who tells the truth and points the finger of blame at Phelan for telling him to lie about Anna pushing him off his ladder. Will Phelan be found out soon? Let’s hope so. In a wonderful scene in Eileen’s living room, she questions Pat about what he’s been up to and he squirms his way out of it magnificently, but Eileen’s got her gander up now and goes back to visit Anna in jail.

After Chesney and Sinead’s wedding was called off last week, Sinead moves into Maria’s flat. This tiny little flat above the hair salon now houses Maria and little Liam, Kirk and Beth, Craig and Sinead. Chesney, meanwhile, is left on all alone in his house across the road.

PC Craig Tinker’s called to a fracas at Tassels, and that’s not something I’ve ever said in a weekly update before. One of the girls has been beaten by a punter and Craig is aghast when he finds out that Bethany works there too. Not as aghast as we all are, Craigy-boy.  Anyway, now he knows, he determines to keep Bethany safe from harm and her secret, so far is safe.  Bethany then takes it upon herself to keep Gary Windass far from her mum when she finds out Sarah’s considering getting back with her ex.

Eva finds out she’s 17 weeks pregnant. I’m going to repeat that. Eva, unaware for the last four months that there’d been any changes to her body AT ALL, she finds out that she’s 17 weeks pregnant with a baby that’s been growing inside her for the past four months. Did I mention four months? Did I mention how daft this whole flaming thing is? Anyway, all of this means, of course, is that the baby is Aidan’s, not Adam’s. Eva and her new best mate Shona bunker down in the Rovers to decide what to do.

Elsewhere, Simon’s been excluded from school for selling vodka and Tyrone’s kids cut up a load of sample knickers that Sean had sown for Aidan and Alya’s new venture.

By far the best scene of the week was the beer fight in the Rovers when Toyah, jealous of Carla and Peter’s history, pretends to befriend Carla, but then admits to Leanne that it’s all a ruse.  Michelle overhears and chucks a pint at Toyah, who gets soaked not once but twice. It really was very funny indeed, the perfect giggle for a Friday night Corrie in way that Corrie had almost forgotten to do.
And finally this week Gemma wants to do something special for Henry’s birthday and so Liz suggests throwing a party in the pub. She glances over at the picture of Betty on the wall and says it would have been what Betty wanted.  A nice touch, I felt.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Louby said...

I really enjoyed this week's episodes. The Eva pregnancy thing is a bit daft yes, but not impossible, and if this is the beginning of a happy ending for Eva and Aiden together, then I'm all for it.

Smiley said...

Eva’s pregnancy - has happened to other people before, not aware of what has happened to their body!

Jean said...

I obviously don't share your sense of humour. I thought the beer chucking scenes were just stupid.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The standard beer chucking was pathetic! The participants looked like they were splashing a toddler in a paddling pool! And I rarely use exclamation marks!

abbyk said...

I think the beer toss was a huge missed opportunity for a fantastic comedy scene: Peter vs his exes. Other than alcohol, having his exes (& Michelle) all buddy buddy should have been a nightmare. Screws could have been turned on him, and then, POP, one zinger brings it down. Plus Toyah is supposed to be smart - why would she do something so stupid as say it when there’re 2’ away. Now that they know, the setup is lost forever. -sniff-

maggie muggins said...

I thought the over-done beer chucking thing was the writers saying "Oh, lets do a classic Rovers comedy scene to counter all the gloom and guns we've given fans lately." I laughed at first, but then it became a caricature of the real thing when all the women were drenched in beer.

dhvinyl said...

I've been bewailing these awful storylines over the last too many months, but, to try and be fair, they're not all because the sciptwriters are on the gin! I'm guessing Eva's on-off baby and his/her parentage, both are leaving shortly, maybe sooner than planned, so they had to come up with something prontobonto. The one who's suffering is Summer, who's vanished with Todd (until she emerges again!). Hope she's stayed on full pay.

Zagg said...

While this should have been a good scene, I think it highlighted the lack of convincing acting skills from Toyah in particular. You could see her literally waiting for her turn to say her lines.
And when women get into a drink slinging match in a bar, they are aiming for the face, not the blouse. Part of the process is waiting for the makeup to be dripping down the face and soaked hair.
Honestly, this seemed like a poorly choreographed scene that didn’t quite deliver.


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