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Monday 22 January 2018

Coronation Street Friday 19th January episode review

Hiya! It’s just Jordan with this week’s Friday review. Late as ever I know, but in all honesty, I’m just not enjoying Corrie at the minute. It’s a chore to watch, even if some episodes do have some moments that sparkle. It’s been all too tempting to watch a drama series or a sitcom and ignore Corrie recently. But never mind. As of five minutes ago, I’m all caught up on the Weatherfield melodrama.

Rejoice! It looks like the end is in sight for this ridiculously twisted Phelan storyline which has gone on for longer than any of us care to remember. It’s the day of innocent Anna’s court case – framed for pushing Seb off a ladder all those months ago. Surprisingly, even though she was caught with that mobile phone in her cell the other day, she has faced no consequence for what I’m sure is a crime in prison. Anyway, onto the courtroom drama and first up in the witness box is Pat Phelan. He turns on the usual charm, spills out the usual lies and ends with an assertion that Seb told him he saw Anna clearly before falling from the ladder. No further questions. Not for him, anyway. Next up, it’s Seb’s turn in the box. He’s shaking, knowing he really should tell the truth. When asked whether he remembers seeing Anna just before his fall, he manages to look Phelan straight in the eye and answers “No.” All this time, Eileen is struggling to be supportive of Pat and it is becoming increasingly obvious to her that he has lied. Things start to swing in Anna’s favour when Seb reveals to the court that Pat conditioned him to lie and frame Anna, claiming that he has always had it in for her. Eileen quickly leaves the court, unable to look at her husband.  Later on, once court has adjourned, she visits Anna in her cell. She’s slowly starting to believe the truth and apologises tearfully to Anna.

 Toyah has got a bee in her bonnet over Carla. She’s suddenly got it into her head that Carla, Queen of all Cheekbones, has returned to Weatherfield to steal Peter back for herself. Initially, Carla laughs this off when Toyah confronts her about her it in the caf√© and accepts when Toyah invites her for a girls afternoon at the pub, along with all the other women who have been linked to Peter at some point. Things seem to be going well  – albeit Carla getting the odd (in both senses of the word) daggers from Toyah. Things kick off classic Corrie style when Michelle overhears Toyah at the bar telling Leanne that she is only pretending to be Carla’s friend to be keep an eye on her. Michelle rightfully labels her a “two-faced paranoid bitch”. Drinks are promptly thrown and hair is promptly pulled, before Carla and Michelle make a spectacular exit, full of pride at the defeating the daft woman.

 Daft women reigned supreme in Friday’s episode, as Bethany comes up with a scheme to stop her mother reconciling with Gary Windass who as Bethany will not let go, cheated on Sarah and impregnated Nicola. As Bethany does not  trust any man ever anymore due to her mega-issue headline grabbing storyline last year, she has decided to send one of her colleagues from her new (illegal) job at the strip club to flirt with Gary in the pub just as Sarah walks in. Her plan works. No sooner than Sarah has seen the girl draped round Gary, she storms back out of the pub, chased by Gary, and goes crying to Gail. She’s distraught that Gary would take an interest in another woman after they’ve split up. Bethany tells her mother that she is not to have anything to do with Gary anymore, and Sarah weeps in agreement. Still, Bethany is pleased that her daft plan has worked and vow to Craig that if he ever comes near her mum again, he will be sorry. Has Bethany considered the fact that they live across the road from each other? Elsewhere, Eva discovers she is pregnant and works out that the baby must be Aiden's. However, as Eva enjoys weaving such tangled webs, she is toying with the idea of telling current boyfriend Adam that the baby is his. Oh, and as well as all that, Harry turns up and hesitantly announces to Gemma that it is his birthday, but she is not invited to the posh meal with his parents. She is instead persuaded by Liz to organise Harry (the son of the Newton and Ridley owner) a party in the pub. A party at which Harry's obligatory lies will no doubt be exposed.

"Sarah, this is daft!"
"Yes, that is exactly the word!"
And I think that’s all for Friday’s episode. And I’ve reviewed it in just about half an hour. That must be a record for me! Ha! I’m pleased the Phelan storyline is starting to come to a head, as I’m sure you all are. Not a bad couple of episodes – and it was great to have a classic, camp-as-ever Corrie catfight in there, but it is certainly a chore to watch six episodes of Corrie a week. I’ve been against the increase since it was announced. If anything, I think we need a decrease in episodes per week. However, as the show seems to be going through a crash-bang-wallop-explosion-murder-issues plucked from the paper- phase, that is probably not feasible.

Until next week!

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