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Sunday 28 January 2018

5 Hidden Secret Sets on Coronation Street

In the last week much was made in the tabloids about the fact that we'd been able to see inside the kitchen at the Rovers Return.  It was a non-story by the tabloids, clickbait, as they said it was the first time we'd seen into the Rovers kitchen in forty years.  Do they even watch the show?  We've had scenes set inside the kitchen at the pub many times over the years.   Find out more here.

But this has set me wondering about sets that we really haven't seen for years - or at all - on  Coronation Street. I've come up with a short list of five of these and would love to know if you can think of any more.

Eileen's front room
Wasn't Sean living in there at one point?  What's in there now, I wonder? A pile of Phelan's dead bodies decomposing under the sofa?

Emily's front room
Didn't Spider's girlfriend Log stay overnight in there once upon a time? Are Jude and Angie living in there now? Why is it never mentioned?

Sally's bedroom
I'd love to see Sally's bedroom, to see where she keeps her mayoral outfits.

Maria's bedroom
Maria usually makes merry with her gentlemen callers on the sofa in the front room of her flat. As far as I know we've never seen inside her bedroom.  I suspect she's got a chalk board above her bed headboard, marking off the numbers of fellas she's had.

The Chippy
We never see inside For Your Fries Only any more, do we? I wonder if this will change when the new set is built and there's additional people wanting their chips?

And while I'm on the subject of sets we never see, we never see in anyone's bathrooms, do we?  And while we rarely see upstairs in the Rovers, we have seen it in the past and we know there's another living room up there too as well as bedrooms.

Can you think of any more sets we have either never seen before - or we haven't seen in years?  

Makes me wonder if we really need all of the new sets that are being built, when there's so much on the Street already that are never, or rarely used.

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Tvor said...

I'm sure there never used to be a living area upstairs in the Rovers and it always struck me as being ridiculous, considering how many bedrooms they had to have with everyone else living there at the time. Steve and Becky, Liz, Amy, just to name three of the bedrooms, plus a bathroom. Where on earth was there room for a sitting room and kitchenette? Back in the 90s I recall at one point there had to be four bedrooms to accommodate everyone.

Flo said...

The image of the chalk board in Maria's room made me chuckle!

I laugh at how some of the buildings seem to have never-ending rooms. The Rovers living quarters would make the building twice the size it is!

Anonymous said...

How many are staying in the salon flat now? About 360?

old as dirt said...

We have seen the inside of Ken's bathroom when he lived at home with his mum and dad. There was an episode (very early when he was a teen) of Ken having a scrub, not sure if his dad was in there shaving or not....but I remember the scene

Unknown said...

We never see Tyrone and Fiz's front room either, or Kevin's. I wish we'd see more of Sally's conservatory and Yasmeen's orangery.

popcorn said...

Did we see the inside of the bathroom at Daniel's mum's flat when Daniel tried to do himself in?

njblas said...

Old As Dirt, I too remember the early scene of Ken in the bath, and yes, his father was in the room talking to him...

njblas said...

We never saw inside the flat above the Kabin when Julie lived there, and we still don't see it now Brian and Cathy live there...

Ann in Canada said...

Didn't we see the bathroom in Chesney's house years ago when Les and Cilla were taking a bath and Shmeichel (sorry spelling) the dog jumped in causing the bathtub to fall through the bathroom floor into the living room.

Rapunzel said...

Occasionally we have seen Ken’s front room. I remember a scene with amy and Simon a few years back.

And I’ll never forget a heartbreaking scene when Ken found Uncle Albert in there and told him that he and Deirdre were reconciled (after the Mike Baldwin bother). Uncle Albert had been worrying his dear wee heart out and broke down in tears. It was particularly poignant as Jack Howarth hadn’t been appearing very often, due to illness, and died not long afterward.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing an extra video made with Ken & Deidre - basically every night they would get into bed and Deidre would ask Ken if he had taken out the trash - it was really funny & I don't remember why it was made but it was in their bedroom and they had the most gorgeous bed linens.
There was also the special with BBC radio while doing a Christmas tour on the cobbles and they let the secret out of there being only 1 bed on the street. Which I guess is okay since we never do see any bedrooms or beds. We never see bathrooms either, just entries with the door open.

CK said...

We did see Roy's bathroom a little while ago when Cathy got locked in it. Have we ever seen the upstairs of Dev's house? It must be ten stories by now with the amount of people in it. Also what's going on with Cathy's house? Why doesn't Brian, Cathy, and Alex just move in there instead of that pokey flat?

Anonymous said...

TVOR . there was indeed a living room upstairs in the rovers at one point. I forget which person Steve was with at the time...but it was there.

Anonymous said...

TVOR, I remember watching Steve and Michelle in that living room as well as Steve and Becky. There was a kitchenette up there as well.

Ian Graham said...

The eras I'm knowledgeable of (1976-1983, 2015-) the only time I remember No. 11 front room used only once, in the early 80s when Suzie Birchill moved back to the street, either her or Marion Willis moved into that room


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