Thursday, 18 January 2018

Cooking with Coronation Street - Angie Freeman's lentil soup

Greetings! Here we go with the second of our Cooking with Coronation Street blog posts.  

The first recipe we tried from the Coronation Street cook book was Betty's Hot Pot. You can find out how that turned out with Gemma and Michael from Conversation Street, the Coronation Street fan podcast here. 

Today, I've turned my hand to making Angie Freeman's lentil soup.  The reason I chose this recipe to make and blog was that I was always a big fan of Angie Freeman, the first woman I can recall who ordered and drink pints in the Rovers Return.  She was an intellectual too, a student, and tough, someone who could take on Mike Baldwin on his own terms.  The soup is also a vegetarian dish (which is always my first choice of things on a menu).  And so, let's crack on and see how it turned out. 

The recipe was hailed as Angie's Cheap and Cheerful. She may well be, yes.  

It also said to use a small tin of tomatoes but I only had a big tin and as I had some small tomatoes in the fridge, I used them instead. After I'd decorated the recipe page, of course. What? You mean you never do this sort of thing? What sort of a cook are you?

The recipe was dead simple and easy to follow.  Apart from the, er, 50 minute cooking time, it's very quick to make. It was cheap too - just lentils, carrot, onion, garlic and tomatoes (fresh or tinned).  It called for chicken stock but I used vegetable stock instead.

As with all homemade soups that I make, I made it and left it overnight for the flavours, as Sir Nigel Slater always says, "to get to know each other".

And so - the crunch question. How did the dish turn out and is it worth making?  Well, it turned out great. It was surprisingly tasty for a soup with so few ingredients. I even made some homemade wholemeal bread to go with it, although not from a recipe in the Corrie cooking book.   

But while this was a good, quick, cheap and easy dish to make I wouldn't say it's the sort of meal you'd prepare if you were planning on seducing a gentlemen caller who was coming for tea. Especially if he was wearing spectacles and had just spent a day working hard on the bins.  

But it was a filling, tasty treat that was super-easy to make. Highly recommended. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next of our Cooking with Coronation Street blog posts coming very soon!

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