Friday, 26 January 2018

Love Island's Amber Davies to join Coronation Street?

Now then, I don't watch Love Island and I never have. So I have Absolutely No Idea who Amber Davies is. But when a news item concerns Coronation Street, it's my duty to find out. 

And so after extensive research (two seconds on Google) here's what's going on. Or at least, according to Mr Curry Sauce at The Sun and we all know how unreliable he (or she) can be.

Amber Davies is a young woman who won the reality show Love Island. And today The Sun are reporting that she's had a secret meeting with Coronation Street's casting people.  However, an official source has told Digital Spy that the meeting was arranged because Amber's seeking advice on how to break into TV acting - not because she's joining Coronation Street.

Let's just hope it's not another Sarah Harding on the cards... or the cobbles.

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C in Canada said...

From the looks of that photo - she'll be working in Tassels.

Diane said...

No idea who she is. She has a nice weave though

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