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Tuesday 23 January 2018

Georgia Taylor interview: Toyah's baby bombshell

This week we see Peter still preparing for the birth of their baby, why hasn’t Toyah told Peter that their surrogate has miscarried and how does she feel about keeping it from him?
She feels dreadful about keeping it from him because biologically it was his child too so he should be able to grieve in the way that she is but Toyah is worried about how fragile he is. He’s been acting a bit strangely since Christmas which Toyah thinks is all to do with the fact that Carla’s back but in fact it’s to do with the revelation from Billy about Susan’s death. So because he’s so fragile Toyah is worried that if she gives him the news about losing the baby he might start drinking again. She wants to protect him although ultimately it’s not the right decision as the longer it goes on the harder it will be to find the right time to tell him. It does come from a place of caring but she’s got herself into a right pickle.

Toyah is grieving herself and now she’s taking on all this worry about Peter, how does she feel?
For anyone going through a miscarriage your support network is the most important thing and he is the person that should be grieving with her but as she’s made this decision that’s where Eva comes in because Toyah ends up telling her and Eva becomes her confidante. That works both ways and they end up having lots of discussions when Toyah finds out that Eva is pregnant. 

When Toyah finds out that Eva is pregnant how does she feel?
It’s real mixed emotions because it’s the one thing that Toyah has wanted for such a long time and it’s something that’s happened to Eva clearly by accident without even trying and that must be really bittersweet if you’re someone who is struggling to have a child, to see other people getting pregnant so easily and accidentally. It’s a really difficult thing for Toyah but there is also part of her that really cares about Eva and wants her to be ok. She knows how emotional an issue this is, especially as it’s Aidan’s child and that makes things even more complicated, but she’s keen for Eva to think things through and not make any rash decisions. So when she finds out through Shona that Eva has gone to the abortion clinic it comes as something of a shock. 

Toyah rushes after Eva to the abortion clinic, is her plan to stop her having an abortion or just to be there for her?
I think it’s a bit of both, she doesn’t have time to process what she’s going to do, she doesn’t go in there with a formulated plan of how she’s going to tackle this, she just thinks she needs to be there Eva, to make sure she absolutely wants this and knows what she’s doing. There’s a lot of talk from Eva about how she was raised by a single mum and how she doesn’t want that for her own child, she always wanted the traditional family scenario, and this was not in her plan. Toyah tries to say to her that lots of single parents do a brilliant job and that shouldn’t be the basis for making this decision that you can’t undo and she might regret.

It’s a very emotional discussion then all of a sudden Toyah comes up with this idea that Eva should have the baby and she and Peter will raise it as their own (with Toyah pretending it’s her child from the surrogate). Does that just come from the heart, out of the blue?
It’s something that’s almost been tiptoed around in previous conversations but neither have really allowed themselves to dare to voice this potential pact. But yes this is a moment when Eva is waiting at the abortion clinic as they’re running late and when the nurse comes to get Eva I think there’s a sudden moment of adrenalin and pressure and fight or flight when Toyah knows that she just has this split second to say it and if she doesn’t then she might regret it forever. It’s the emotion of the moment.

Is Eva shocked by what Toyah proposes?
Yes she is because I think there’s no denying that this is an absolutely bonkers plan in terms of practicality and how they make this work. Even as she’s saying it Toyah is trying to figure out how it would work.

Even if Eva does agree to the pact there will be a lot of complications along the way for Toyah. How did you feel when you heard what Toyah was going to propose?
It was weird because I’d guessed on some level months ago when they put Toyah and Eva together but I wondered if Eva would end up becoming the surrogate for Toyah, so not like this but in a more open way. The dynamic between the three sisters really works and there’s the opportunity for a lot of drama so I’m really looking forward to it. At the moment Leanne is not party to any of this so at some point there will be the fallout.

Are you enjoying the relationship between the three sisters in the Rovers? 
I’m absolutely loving it, I love working with Jane and Cath, and it’s great that people are responding to them.

Toyah is keeping some pretty major secrets here form Peter, what do you think the fallout could be, could this spell the end of their relationship?
I absolutely think it could be the end of the relationship because unfortunately their relationship has been based on secrets since day one. Initially when they got together they kept the secret from Leanne, then there was the mystery surrounding who pushed Ken and Peter’s strange relationship with Chloe the woman who became obsessed with him and he kept that from Toyah, then she found the money he was hiding in the flat. In the meantime Toyah hadn’t told him that she was desperate for a child and had had this IVF battle for five years. Also at the moment he hasn’t confided in her over what happened with Billy at Christmas and she’s keeping from him that the surrogate has lost their baby. So unfortunately I wonder if this is just going to be one secret too many and this feels like the biggest secret of all. So as much as I adore working with Chris I do wonder that when this all comes out if will there be a future for them. They should be on the Jeremy Kyle show, I’m amazed they’ve lasted this long but I love that they have because we have so much fun working together. But I don't know if they’re strong enough to weather this, it just feels like one catastrophe after another.    

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Anonymous said...

When you want to demolish a structure, you plant lots of bombshells.

C in Canada said...

Toyah and Peter have ZERO chemistry - not sure why they are together at all.
If they break up though, I wonder what happens to the Rover's?

Sell it back to Steve? (YES YES YES!)

Humpty Dumpty said...

Wonder if this is a signal that Peter & Toyah will break up. Surely it's obvious to Corrie bosses that this partnership isn't working and none of the viewers are rooting for them. Peter should sell the pub back to Steve and Liz while he opens a new bookies. Peter may feel he can't bring up the child of his nephew/neighbour and that could be the final straw. Toyah could leave with Eva to live with Stella. Distant relatives are always a good cop-out. Another solution would be for Eva to leave with Aidan, and Toyah to go back to her ex with the baby, having declared that Eva was the surrogate mother.

Zagg said...

Ugh...this is such a ridiculous storyline. Peter and Toyah are so incredibly mismatched, that it's hard to even watch them together. Peter was once interesting. Now he's like wallpaper in the Rovers. And Toyah and her quest for a baby at any cost is just annoying. What should have a been a great returning character has turned into a drab one dimensional bore.


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