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Sunday 28 January 2018

Corrie Weekly Awards for Jan. 22 - 26

Costume win: Loved Gemma's balloons, Brian appropriately dressed as a chicken (or rooster in which case, you can make your own mind up), Liz as Queen Elizabeth I was great. There were a few other really good costumes on the extras, too!

Feminist award: Toyah's University fance dress costume of a fish riding a bicycle refers, of course, to the old saying "A woman needs a man like fish needs a bicycle"

Vehicle Conundrum: If Nicola *had* moved to Australia (and we viewers knew she hadn't), you wouldn't think she'd still have her old car when she returned to the UK, would you? Yes, it could have been stored somewhere but most people would have sold it or transported it but nobody questioned her having it.

Shakespeare Award: "When shall we three meet again?" The Mother, the Crone and the Maid. tick, tick, tick. Yep, casting for the witches for the Scottish Play sorted.

Job History query: I question a CV where the applicant (Josh) has had a load of jobs in a large number of locations. Why could he not keep any job for any length of time?
Soap cliche award: There's always an obligatory outburst in the courtroom, either during testimony or at the verdict. Faye, this time, screaming her mother's innocence while Anna shrieks her agreement. She's not Deirdre but it was typical Anna.

Lines of the week:
Peter "It's been a long time since I've been up at 3 a.m. with a (baby) bottle in me hand" (I don't think you ever were. Lucy took Simon away from Peter almost at birth)
Toyah about her fancy dress costume "I went as a fish riding a bicycle" Gemma...stunned..."Did you take a lot of drugs in uni, then?"
Cathy re Fancy Dress "Should you go slutty-stylish or full on ridiculous?"
Audrey about Tassels "It is only lunchtime. I guess to some people it does beat having a yogurt at your desk"
Sarah "I've left my little boy with Mary while I'm drinking in a lapdancing club!"
Amy "This is so unfair. You buy her a trip to Paris and you don't even care if I get abducted!"
Eva "Toyah I can't have the baby you wanted!" (ouch)
Audrey "Listen, sweetheart, if you lived in a pet shop you wouldn't mind if she came down to look at the hamsters!" Gail "How many glasses of wine have you had!?" (gloriously too many!!!)
Sarah "Life is like a corned beef sandwich. Hardly Forrest Gump, is it?" and "Life is NOT a corned beef sandwich, it's whatever you make of it!"

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scifiaddict86 said...

Actually Simon was a couple months old when Lucy "took him to Australia" they did play happy family for a while. Until Lucy found out he was still married to Shelly. Tracy went to stay with him for a couple of months when Amy was really little too. So Peter probably does have experience with infants it everything after that he missed.

Gilles27 said...

When Peter said it had been a while since he was up at 3am with a bottle in his hand I think it was a clever line referring to his drinking days. He is now looking forward to having a different kind of bottle in his hand.

Anonymous said...

To hire a car mechanic, glancing at a CV isn't exactly the best way to determine if someone's appropriate for the job. It's better to give them a car that won't run and say, "Fix it."


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