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Sunday 21 January 2018

Corrie Weekly Awards for Jan. 15 - 19

Talk Talk award: Anna's burning up credit on that mobile like gangbusters. Must be one of those "all you can talk for a tenner" plans. Also, why does it show up on other phones as if it's the prison calling? It's a 'burner' phone. Was it stolen off a guard or are the guards dealing in black market phones to supplement their income?

Pants on Fire award: Peter said he poured all the vodka away. Well, strictly speaking, I suppose he did. Down Billy's throat.

Musical Ambiance: Desperado by the Eagles in the pub when Adam is telling Eva he's making plans for them for dinner. Not sure why "Desperado" but the line "why don't you come to your senses.." might apply to her dating a bit of a wide boy or him dating a high maintenance woman with a lot of baggage. Also: "Fever" in the pub when Eva's agonizing over the pregnancy and Adam with Shona.

Fashion fail: Liz hasn't been castigated for her fashion choices for awhile but what the heck was she wearing? Shiny leggings and a duo layer filmy tunic?

The Girl Who Cried Wolf award: Eva pretended to be pregnant as part of the Aidan scam. Now she really is, it's his and she knows he won't believe her.

Denial isn't a River in Egypt: Gemma must realize Henry's reactions to her are lukewarm at best so I can only deduce that she just doesn't want to see the truth.

Rod Serling award: Peter is confronted by all of his women, all laughing together. He probably thinks he's in the Twilight Zone. Or maybe he's just seen the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Lines of the week
Sean "There'd be cows clogging up Balaclava Terrace. Pigs on the rampage in Rosamund Street"
Sinead to Chesney "You bin me off in case I leave you!? Have you any idea how pathetic that is!" (She's not wrong)
Sean "I'm more like the Michelangelo of ladies' undergarments"
Alya "You should cherish every single moment you have with Pat because you never know, it might be your last" (but not in the way she means!)
Adam "Whoever came up with this 'Honesty is the best policy' rubbish is talking absolute nonsense"
Lawyer "Sing a little tune in your head" Anna "What would you suggest? 'I Want To Break Free'?" (good one!)
Toyah "With Carla back on the scene, I need to get used to being surrounded by Peter's exes"
Michelle to Peter "Oh calm down, it's not the Witches of Eastwick" (no, it's the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!)

Peter "Sarah. Get a mop"

Tim "I never did live down those leiderhosen" (brain bleach, please)

Tvor (Twitter @tvordlj)

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Nina said...

I actually felt sorry for Peter when the 'not the witches of Eastwick' were at the bar. They said some pretty mean and nasty things to/about him.

Trendon said...

Apparently the fashion trend this season is a modification of the 1990s. Skinny pants and flowery tops. Seems like Liz is wearing her version of this. Sure, you could argue "dress your age" but others might argue "ageism".

Anonymous said...

I also felt sorry for Peter and wondered why were Michelle and Carl in the Rovers when Michelle owns half the Bistro?
What did you expect award.To Sinead,she visited Daniel on the morning of her wedding to Chesney, gave Daniel a look of regret[which did not go amiss by Chesney]when she was leaving for the church and Sinead has the gall to feel 'hurt' when Chesney came to his senses and dumped her at the altar?!
Perhaps if Sinead who ironically proposed to Chesney remained committed to him instead of making googly eyes at Daniel or spending time with him in the Bistro or Rovers behind Chesney's back,she and Chesney could have been married.

Tvor said...

I would never say "dress your age"... but that outfit Liz had on would be unflattering to anyone of any age!!


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